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Friday, December 23, 2005

A Big "Ups" for Heather Roy

I first met Heather Roy at Canterbury University Clubs Day in 2003. To be honest when I first met her I thought she was one of the students.

Heather was the "buddy MP" for our region and helped me in my roles, first as chairman of ACT Christchurch Central and later as board member for the Upper South region.

Heather is a big part of the reason why ACT is doing so much better in this region now. She is an extremely organised and committed person and has worked tirelessly for the electorates in her "patch".

Her command of her "portfolio" Health is excellent and as a first term MP had Labour's Health Minister, Annette King, on the back foot on many occasions.

Rodney Hide once called her the toughest member of his caucus and I would concur with that. I've seen her handle some tricky customers and she took absolutely no crap.

Heather is now the "buddy MP" for all NZ outside of Auckland, so we'll probably see a bit less of her down here. But remember NZ ACT people, she was our "buddy MP" first.

I hope you, Duncan and the kids have a great Xmas and holiday break.


Blogger Rebel Heart said...

ha that's where i first met her and she kept talking to me and i thought she was just like the ACT on Campus club person or something and kept wanting her to shut up so i could talk to Rodney Hide

how did things go with Paul Scott anyway?

6:29 PM  

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