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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Labour Doesn't Care About Mums and Babies

The Labour Government's enforced merger of Plunketline with Healthline in July 2004 has denied New Zealand parents easy telephone access to Plunket nurses, according ACT Health Spokesman, Heather Roy.

"Plunketline figures from November 2004 show that 85% of calls went unanswered. Then Health Minister Annette King reported she was relaxed about this response rate. However, things have not improved - October 2005 figures show that 87% of calls still went unanswered."

So you're a solo mum, its 10.30 pm, your 3 year old is in bed and your 11 month old baby girl has just vomited three times, she has a rash and her pupils are dilated.
You phone the Plunketline for advice. You don't get through.

How can caring, sharing socialists like the Labour cabinet regard that as acceptable?
Heartless bunch of bastards.


Blogger Gooner said...

Labour making our kids starve too.

10:02 PM  

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