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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Perverts and Paedophiles are Public's Problem

According to this morning's "Press" there are 55 sex offenders on parole in the South Island and nearly 300 nationwide. There are 31 in my home town of Christchurch.

In response to an official information request from the "Press" for the number and location of paroled offenders, the Department of Corrections would only supply a list of regions offenders were paroled to.

Said Katrina Casey, the Department's general manager of probation and offender services "We believe there are no circumstances in the public interest that would make desirable the release of the information requested".

So get this. An offender rapes your 11 year old daughter. Rather than killing or castrating him yourself, you, good citizen that you are, entrust the state to arrest, try and punish the offender.

The state arrests, tries and "punishes" the individual, then lets him back out in the community. You, the taxpayer who forks out for all this, have no further right to monitor or know the whereabouts of that offender.

The offender will be placed in some unsuspecting community and "supervised" by some overworked probation officer, until he rapes another child or children and the cycle is repeated.

The main flaw here is the assumption that when the offender "does his time" he should be free of any further consequences of his crime. This is regardless of the fact that your daughter and your family will probably will probably bear the scars for life.

In a just society, the consequences of offending should stay with an offender for his entire life. That is, unless he takes sufficient steps, or does sufficient good to outweigh the evil that he has done.


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