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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm Not Proposing Marriage Here!

Funny how some incidents always stay with you.

I'm a believer in libertarians, classic liberals and enlightened conservatives working together to advance the cause of freedom and defeat our common socialist enemy.

Years ago I heard a talk by US conservative, Allan Stang, on getting groups to co-operate. He gave this example of how to get people working together and set aside their differences.

Allan would be talking to a room full of scrapping people. he'd bring them to attention and ask two leaders "What percentage of each others programmes do each of you guys agree with?"

They'd think for a while, then one would say "about 80%". The other would then usually agree, or give a slightly different figure.

Allan would then say to each "how much do you agree with your wife?". They'd think and usually come back with something like "maybe 30% tops".

Allan would then state the obvious. "You guys agree on 80%, lets work this out. After all, I'm not proposing marriage here".

Most Libz, ACT and National or Maxim supporters could probably agree on 60 or 70% of each others core issues. Yet we worry more over the 30 or 40% we don't agree on than the 70% or 80% of things we despise about Labour, Jim Il Sung and the Greens.

I'm not proposing marriage here, just a little more sensible co-operation and mutual respect.


Blogger Oswald Bastable said...

Here, Here!

9:30 PM  
Blogger Just my opinion said...

Absolutely right. I reckon the Nats are pretty much on the same page if they decide to not try and wipe us out again :)

3:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair point Trev...and well made but lets not allow ourselves to "be shotgunned" by suprise either and end up with some nasty in-laws! ;-)

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Alan Stang with one l. And is it wise to mention that you attended extremist meetings with well known writers for the John Birch Society -- a group that believes in an international secret conspiracy run by something they call the Illuminati which is supposedly intimately tied to the international bankers and other such rot?

As for cooperation? Let's see. Why is all you cooperation for libertarians with people on the Right? Social authoritarians have as much in common with real libertarians as do economic authoritarians just in different areas. Maxim advocates state control of moral issues. Labour advocates state control of economics.

You are terribly inconsistent. It seems real libertarians ought to know that both socialists and conservatives are not firm allies but can be on specific issues. And when you write long pieces about the radical affiliations of the Left it is not wise to expose any associations with radical on the right like Alan Stang. He was good friends with Birch Society founder Robert Welch and worked for him. Welch, of course is the man who claimed Dwight Eisenhower was a conscious agent of the "communits conspirarcy". After Welch's death Stang eventually broke with the new leadership of this extremist group who he felt were undermining the group. He didn't leave because he rejected their extremist views only because he disagreed with the new leaders. He's still a believe in fantastical conspiracy streatching back hundreds of years and tied to the Illuminati. Of course some of the top Birchers over the years, such as Revilo Oliver, have come out of the closet and admitted that what they really mean is atheisic Jews.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a bit of what Alan Stang is up to these days:

His article is entitled “The KGB Runs the USA”. He argues that there is an “orchestrated attempt to make Christmas controversial and to phase it out. There is nothing haphazard about it. The biggest companies in this country have instructed their employees to downplay Christmas...” This he is clear was the result of “consulation, collaboration and cooperation” that “somebody up there planned it, launched it and is implementing it”

That the “same companies are now controlled by Sodomy International” (nice touch from people you apparently admire but that would go well with you buddies at Maxim). “Suddenly corporations from Allstate Insurance to Starbucks are financing buggery and firing whoever protests.Click on Sodomite Underworld here on for an example.” “Is all this ‘just happening’ do you think, or is somebody up there planning, coordinating and directing it.?”

Nor should we forget that 9/11 is part of this secret plot and that the buildings only came down as “after highly trained, very experienced demolition specialists lant the right kind of explosives, in the right amounts in the right places within the structures.” And who did it? Stang says “only the the United States government could have done it.” Stang refers to Bush as “a policy Communist world government traitor”. He says the “media” are all Communists. Not just left of centre but Communists.

He seems to think that the Soviets created huge numbers of secret agents in the US who are still working away to destroy the country and that these spy rings may well “explain why our media are so obviously communist and queer”. Nice!

And his conclusion: “the Soviets set the stage for the takeover by pretending to ‘collapse,’ and by recruiting, training, financing, equipping, directing and protecting, etc., beserk Islam to divert attention from themselves. The long-range strategy has succeeded brillantly. The KGB is running the United States.”

Yes, I can see why you admire the wisdom of Alan Stang. No doubt the same reason you think Maxim is pro liberty.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does mutual respect go for Stang as well? On his web site here

he posts an article in which he claims the bombings in the London tube stations were a government plot, like the attack on 9/11 which Stang says was done by the US government. Ditto for the attack in Spain.

Of course you think Maxim is worthy of alliances after attending lectures by Stang.

7:42 AM  

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