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Monday, January 09, 2006

John Minto, New Communi.. Columnist for "Press"

My local paper, the Christchurch Press, has a new columnist. Unfortunately it's arch socialist shit-stirrer, John Bernard Minto. Given that the Press seems to think his opinions are worthy of dissemination, it would be remiss of me, not to profile him.

John Minto's first real activism was in the mid '70s with the National Anti Apartheid Committee. Minto was Napier rep and would have met some of the NAAC's Maoist stalwarts like Dave Cuthbert, Trevor Richards, Rona Bailey, David Stott and Joris De Bres. By 1978, Minto was NAAC rep for the Auckland region.

NAAC and Halt All Racist Tours, were heavily intertwined and by 1980, Minto was an HART National Councillor, National organisor and co-ordinator of their campaign to "persuade" insurance companies to leave South Africa.

By 1981, Minto was in the thick of organising opposition to the Sprinbok rugby tour. He worked from the offices of the Socialist Unity Party controlled, Northern Drivers Union. His tactics however were too radical even for the SUP and there was some tension.

By August 1981, Minto was a leader of the Small Action Group with Donna Awatere and Ripeka Evans. SAG was a splinter from the main Auckland anti Tour organisation, MOST, which while completely communist dominated was more mindful of "middle NZ" public opinion. SAG recruited from Auckland Urban Maori gangs, Black Unity, Waitangi Action Committee and the Maori and Polynesian People's Revolutionary Front.

After the Tour, Minto maintained his links to radical elements. In December 1981 he addressed the Socialist Action League's 7th national conference in Masterton. In February 1983, Minto welcomed the US Socialist Workers Party's (sister party of the SAL) presidential candidate, Mac Warren to Otahuhu. In November 1983 Minto was listed in the SAL's, "Socialist Action", condemning the US invasion of Grenada.

Was Minto getting influenced by all these Marxists? In an interview published in "Canta" in March 1985, Minto told Trotskyite, Steve Cowan "Oppression of all forms is linked. Oppression of women, oppression of working people, oppression of the indigenous people of a country"

During the late '80s, Minto continued as the face of HART. He worked hard, meeting CEO's of companies like Fletcher's, Brierley's and Shell trying to convince them to disinvest from South Africa.

By 1990, Minto was working a bit more closely with the Communist Party, which by now formed the backbone of HART. He signed a "Peoples Voice" appeal that year, "Join us in a United Campaign to Defeat the Compact". In September 1991 "Peoples Voice" listed him as a backer of another Communist Party campaign, the "Day of Action" against the National Government. In April '94, Minto spoke on "Building the Fightback-Lessons for Mass Activists" at the Communist Party's "Socialism 94" conference held in Auckland.

In the late '90s, Minto was a science teacher and Chairman of the Quality Public Education Coalition, a lobby group consisting of socialist teachers and "educationalists".

By this time, the Communist party had morphed into the Socialist Workers Organisation. In '00 Minto was one of the "leftists and unionists" signing an SWO calling for the "Freedom to Strike".

In 2002 Minto and Mike Treen, a former Socialist Action League member, formed Global Peace and Justice Auckland, an umbrella group for Marxist activists of various backgrounds. "The purpose of such a network would be to help strengthen the efforts of the many groups already working on a whole variety of issues and to perhaps give a collective voice to concerns they hold in common."

The meeting to form GPJA attracted such luminaries as socialist priest, Terry Dibble, Maire Leadbetter, Jane Kelsey, Dave Colyer from Socialist Worker, Lynne Serpe of the Electoral Reform Coalition and the Green Party and Len Richards of the Alliance Party.

In June 2004, Minto was guest speaker at the Anti Capitalist Alliance's "Peoples Resistance '04" conference in Auckland. In 2005 he put a lot of energy into stopping the Black Caps cricket tour to Zimbabwe. Ironic, considering HART and the NAAC played a small role in bringing "black majority rule" to that unfortunate country.

Minto's main activity recently has been the Workers Charter Movement. Organised by well known Marxist-Leninist, Matt McCarten and Socialist Worker leader, Grant Morgan, the WCM is an attempt to weld various Marxist groups and individuals into a new left wing political movement.

Minto sits on the 20 member steering committee, alongside the likes of Rachel Asher (ex Victoria University Bolshevik Club), Roger Fowler, Robyn Hughes, Daphne Lawless, Grant Morgan and Pat O'Dea (all connected to Socialist Worker),Cathy Casey (partner of Matt McCarten), Luke Coxon (ex Radical Society), Jennifer Francis (Socialist Party of Aotearoa, former partner of the late Bill Andersen), Matt McCarten and Mike Treen.

Clearly the Press has gained a columnist that the old "People's Voice" would envy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy has the distinction of having an item of Police equipment named after him.....The Long Batten....aka 'The Minto Bar'.

Bit of delayed concussion here I think as he still follows the loser.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Minto isn't that bad a guy. He's a committed Dean and science teacher at a school in South Auckland. Just because he spoke at a few socialist conferences and been in contact with some socialists doesn't make him a rabid Communist. He would probably come and speak at an ACT or Libertarianz conference if you invited him, not that he would suscribe to their views.

Trevor I think you get a bit excited when describing some people with left-wing tendencies. A few people you've mentioned I wouldn't consider to be socialists or communists at all, eg Maire Leadbeater. Auckland's real socialists/communists would probably describe some of these people as 'liberals' or 'reformists'.

There's nothing wrong with the Press having Minto as a columnist. In fact I'm all for papers having more columnists who deeply look into political and social issues, whether they be from the left or right, as a lot of columnists just seem to blabble crap about their own personal lives.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

Cameron, being "not a bad guy" doesn't mean John Minto isn't a political menace. By all accounts Stalin, Hitler and even Pol Pot could be very pleasant people one to one. Minto didn't just attend a few leftie meetings, he is currently on the "executive" of a new grouping of Marxist-Leninist parties. Had people like Minto never existed, Rhodesia might have made a peaceful transition to multi racial constitutional government, rather than being forced into the hands of a Marxist-Leninist like Mugabe. How much misery have people like Minto inflicted on the blacks of Africa, they profess to champion. Cameron, I think you are a little bit naive regarding the damage these people can do. Socialism isn't just a nice "alternative" to capitalism, it is a corrupt system which leads inevitably to human degradation and misery. I don't think twisted individuals like John Minto should be given the "time of day" let alone space in a major newspaper.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Just my opinion said...

I love it, Cameron describes these moonbats as people with left wing "tendencies". Thats putting it rather lightly.... I guess Stalin was a nice guy as well, with a tendency to flirt with the communist left :)

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stalin was a murderous dictator, Hitler was a murdering Nazi barstard, John Minto is not. To compare Minto with these men is a disgrace to all those who died in the Holocaust or gulags. It's a bit like Tariana when Turia said British settlers committed a "holocaust" against Maori. An offensive comparison.

I never said I supported socialism but I defintely support the right of these people to organise and have access to the media, just as the ACT Party should. Mr Minto had very little to do with what happened in Rhodesia. He's just a New Zealand activist with very little power or influence, I think I'd more blame people like Ian Smith or Robert Mugabe for what happened.

Since you seem to have strong (albeit excitable) opinions on nearly everything why don't you contribute an opinion piece to the Press or the NZ Herald? I think you could just as easily write something and email it to them as John Minto has. Rather than complaining about things I think it's better to get off your arse and provide an alternative.

Are you worried that people take Minto more seriously than yourself?

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only knowing of Minto from the popular press of the 80's I am impressed by your hark back to 50's America. With an apparent sugestion that the views of those we disagree with should not be able to be heard!

All those terrible comunists you mention must be having a major effect on the country because I have never heard of most of them.

A rounded society needs some "ginger" and Minto and his accomplasis have in the past provided this. But I would classify him along with the Human Race in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as "Mostly Harmless"

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of many of these people either which is rather remarkable considering I frequently go to demonstrations and meetings that are also frequented by left-wing types.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to have it official; Trevor Loudon is frightened of a free press.
What does that make his own ideas worth?

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should re-read Trevor's article. He didn't say they shouldn't print Minto's views, he just provided a useful bio of the man's militant and absurd left wing views. Actually having nutbars like Minto in print is great. It exposes their failed political beliefs to public scrutiny. If you really believe Minto is right then you should encourage him to join you in emigrating to North Korea the worlds only remaining Marxist utopia. I'm sure Kim would welcome you with open arms.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Minto's column is dead boring. When people have such strong ideological positions, you can nearly always predict what they will say.

The Press is becoming as tedious as Izvestia and Pravda used to be!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:12 AM  

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