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Thursday, February 02, 2006

ACT on Campus Storms the Fortress

ACT is set to elect a new board, president and vice-president. This is do or die stuff. ACT either has to get on track fast, or next election will be our last.

What heartens me most and gives me confidence is the role ACT on Campus activists will be playing in the Party's future.

David Seymour, formerly the brains behind AOC Auckland and regular poster on the AOC Blog, is standing unopposed for the South Auckland board position.

Michael Collins is in a two way contest for the Wellington board position and is at least guaranteed the deputy board position which he is contesting unopposed. Michael led AOC at Vic and is the past national president of AOC.

In my own Upper South patch, Andrew Falloon is standing unopposed for the deputy board position. Andrew is Canterbury president of AOC.

All three are clear thinkers and excellent organisers. I look forward to their impact on the board and the Party as a whole.

Good luck guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes this is good.All three are intelligent Liberals with a good grounding in the philosophy that underpins ACT's policys...something that may have been lacking in the older strata of ACT MP's and crew. Expect to see a sharper, more consistent ACT machine emerge and really take it to the Socialists...both Left and Right!

2:05 PM  

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