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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Maia on Russel and I

Maia over at Capitalism Bad-Tree Pretty has gone a bit dark on me. However she's completely spewing about Green Party poster boy, Russel Norman.

She doesn't like what I do, but reads me anyway, then she criticises Russel for "engaging" with me. That doesn't mean Russel and I have hopes of a "civil union", it means that Maia thinks Russel shouldn't stoop to entering into dialogue with the likes of me.

Maia on me

Who is Tervor Loundon? He runs the most amusing New Zealand blog, possibly the most amusing political blog ever, called New Zeal. Basically he's a cross between McCarthy and a stalker.

Maia on Russel

I'm also disgusted with the Greens Russell Norman for engaging with him. He red-baited Russell Norman, and Russell Norman said "yes I have been a communist, but I left them because Marxism is bad." This showed a remarkable lack of solidarity, and a strong degree of stupidity. Of course Trevor Loundon isn't satisfied, and is still going on about it.

At least she's even handed. What you doing this Friday night, Russel?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know the funniest thing about Joe McCarthy?

He was right!


12:46 PM  

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