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Saturday, April 08, 2006

What's Bloody Loudon on About?

Why are you devoting large amounts of column space to a leftist school in Tennessee, when there are so many burning issues in NZ?

Because Highlander shows that an obscure radical school can have a huge impact on an entire country.

Why are you "exposing" the likes of Rosa Parks. Don't you believe the US "Civil Rights" movement was a good thing?

As a libertarian, I despise race based laws. South African Apartheid was an abomination as was segregation and "Jim Crow" in the American South. Having said that, I am enough of a student of Marxism to recognise that the main enemies of Apartheid and "Jim Crow", the South African and American Communist parties, respectively, were not after true freedom.

They were using what they call "National Question" politics to change the structure of their countries by exploiting and increasing racial division. South African and US blacks were (and still are) used as cannon fodder to wage war on the prevailing system. This same strategy has been applied in NZ for over 70 years. These articles are setting the scene for some posts I am preparing on the local scene.>

I also think the Rosa Parks story illustrates the manipulative and underhand way that Marxists seek to alter public opinion and bring about "social change". Such tactics are commonly used in this country.

Okay, but so what has Highlander really got to do with NZ?

That will become clear after the next three or four posts. Thanks for your patience. I hope you find the wait worthwhile.

Trevor L


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the left supports has schools that help to end discrimination and oppression then good on them, maybe you could do a report on the school of the americas or the terrorist training camps run by rught wing american governments rather than pretending to "expose" people working for justice

9:36 PM  
Blogger Mike Readman said...

Finally you bring up Nelson Mandela (sort of). I found his TV ads promoting communism during the winter olympics mildly annoying.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marxism is not 'justice' anon.

It is death.


12:33 PM  

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