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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Reds Taking Over Green Party?

In choosing Russel Norman as their new male co-leader, over Nandor Tanczos, the Green Party has sent a clear signal that socialism, not environmentalism is top of their agenda.

The Green Party is now dominated by socialists, several of whom have links with Australia's largest Marxist-Leninist group, the Democratic Socialist Party (now Democratic Socialist Perspective) or local Marxist groups such as the DSP's former New Zealand "sister" parties, the Workers Communist League and the Socialist Action League.

The DSP in turn has links with many of the world's most radical communist parties from Cuba and south Africa to Vietnam and Europe.

For information on Green Party female co-leader Jeanette Fitsimon's contact with the DSP and support for socialism, go here.

For background on new Green Party male co-leader, Russel Norman's former membership of the DSP, go here and here.

Russel Norman is the protoge of senior Green MP, Keith Locke. For information on Locke's Marxist-Leninist activities and his very close ties to the Australian Democratic Socialist Party, go here, here, here and here.

Sue Bradford is tipped to co-lead the Green Party when Jeanette Fitzsimons retires. Bradford was a long time member of the Workers Communist League, which in the late '80s worked very closely with the DSP.

For information on Sue Bradford's Marxist-Leninist background, go here, here, here, here and here.

Sue Bradford also helps run a school near her home in Warkworth, called the Kotare Research and Education Trust. Kotare is a partially tax payer funded school for radical activists, which bases its teachings on those of Brazilian Marxist "educationalist, Paolo Friere. Some students are as young as fourteen.

Catherine Delahunty, a senior Green Party member, runs teaching at the school, while several other prominent Greens are on the board of trustees.

Not all Greens are happy with the socialist takeover of their party. For an analysis of this takeover go to this article by a long time Green Party activist.

Are the Greens becoming a "Watermelon Party"-green on the outside, red in the middle?


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