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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Was Italy's PM a KGB Agent?

Italian PM, Romano Prodi heads a ruling coalition dominated by the formerly communist Democratic Party of the Left, The Refoundation Communist Party and the Party of Italian Communists.

While never a communist party member himself, he has been accused of worse.

Check out this report from October 1999

Romano Prodi, and president of the European Commission, was at the centre of political storm in Italy after it emerged he had been told three years ago of western intelligence reports that a big KGB spy ring existed inside the country. Mr Prodi, who was Italian Prime Minister from 1996 to 1998, said this week he had never been told about allegations that 261 Italians had been operating as spies for the Soviet Union for decades.

However, the defence minister in Mr Prodi's government admitted he had informed him in general terms about allegations when they were passed to Rome by British intelligence in October 1996. Opposition politicians claim that Mr Prodi was reluctant to Act on the intelligence Information for Fear It Could Destabilise the Centre Left Coalition. Italian newspapers have recently suggested that the list of spies may include senior figures in the current government apparatus.

Very recently, United Kingdom Indepence Party MEP, Gerald Batten accused Mr Prodi of having been an agent of the KGB.

Batten elaborates on the UKIP website

One of my constituents, Alexander Litvinenko, was formerly a Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian Federation's FSB, the successor to the KGB.

Mr Litvinenko's exposure of illegal FSB activities forced him to seek political asylum abroad.

Before deciding on a place of refuge he consulted his friend, General Anatoly Trofimov, a former Deputy Chief of the FSB.

General Trofimov reportedly said to Mr Litvinenko, "Don't go to Italy, there are many KGB agents among the politicians: Romano Prodi is our man there."

In February 2006 Mr Litvinenko reported this information to Mario Scaramella of the Guzzanti Commission investigating KGB penetration of Italian politics.

This allegation against a former head of the European Commission is one of the utmost seriousness. It should be thoroughly investigated. The European Parliament should conduct its own investigation.


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