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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Watermelon Strategy

All over the world, Marxists are adopting the "watermelon strategy", that is infiltrating their local Green Party in order to advance a "red" agenda.

Australian Marxist-Leninist paper, Green Left Weekly, which has close ties to some our leading Greens, approvingly documents a recent US example.

Sarah Knopp, a member of the Green Party and the International Socialist Organization, won 17.2% of the vote in the June 6 election for California’s superintendent for public instruction. The result is believed to be a Green Party record for a statewide election. Knopp won more than 662,000 votes, coming second behind the Democratic Party incumbent Jack O’Connell, who had US$1 million to spend on his campaign. O’Connell came within 2% of having to face Knopp in a runoff ballot. Knopp told the US Socialist Worker, ''For people who want to see a political alternative in this country, I’d say that the lesson [of the election] is that the stronger and more confidently we attack the two corporate parties, the more people will respond.


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