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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lunatic Wants to Run the Asylum

From the latest Green Left Weekly

Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez condemned Israel’s bombing of Lebanon, commenting that “They are bombing entire cities, it is a true genocide. Where will this madness end?”, according to a July 21 report. He also slammed the US for using its UN Security Council veto to override a UN motion calling on Israel to halt its offensive against Gaza.

Venezuela is currently pushing for a non-permanent seat on the Security council. In a July 16 media release condemning Israel’s brutal attacks on Lebanon and Gaza, Venezuela’s foreign affairs ministry explained that it was seeking the seat to push for the democratisation of the UN in order to counter the “hegemony” of the US within the organisation.

The July 7 Trinidad and Tobago Express reported that the 15-member Carribean Community (Caricom) decided at its 27th summit, which concluded on July 6, to back Venezuela’s bid.

The seat, which will be vacated in October when Argentina’s two-year term expires, is also being contested by Guatemala, which is strongly backed by the US.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez confirmed support for Venezuela’s bid from the Arab League at the second Arab-South American Summit in Caracas on July 17-18. The summit also confirmed Venezuela’s entry into the Arab League as an observer.


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Do you know the history of U.S. involvement in Guatemala?

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