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Friday, August 04, 2006

Is Hone Harawira the Maori Party's Keith Locke?

Hardly a week goes by without some dopey leftie statement from Maori Party MP, Hone Harawira

Here's this week's from yesterday's Herald

Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira has fired a verbal salvo at the United States, saying he has a "real fear" the superpower will try to destabilise Cuba while Fidel Castro lies in hospital.

The Maori Party's disarmament and arms control spokesman suggested that the United States might see an opportunity to "claw back lost ground" in Cuba while uncertainty surrounded Dr Castro's health.

"I have a real fear that the US will try to destabilise Cuba during this time in the same way they have undermined many other left-wing governments in Central and South America over the years," Mr Harawira said.

He attacked the US for its "armed invasions" in Grenada and Nicaragua in the 1980s, and the Middle East.

"The Maori Party urges the New Zealand Government to send a strong message to the United States of America, that we would not support any illegal invasion of Cuba."

New Zeal Are Hariwira and Keith Locke competing for the world record for the most stupid statements by an MP? At this stage Locke, is still ahead, but Harawira appears to be gaining fast.


Blogger MikeE said...

Oh well.. not long now before the cubans have some chance at political freedom.

I wouldn't be suprised if Castro is already dead. Note that everything has been written statements, no public appearances etc.

Likely hes dead and its just propaganda to keep the people subdued.

I know that the Cubans in Miami would be very happy if the US helped to "destabilise" Cuba.

If by Destabalise you mean ensure political freedom.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bit where he says that the United States has undermined left-wing governments in Latin America is certainly true. Read a history book.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read some more history. Cuba is backed to the hilt by the Russians. Harawira and every other leftie always pretends the US are evil, but they never say anything against Russia, China or any other socialist power that gets involved in the domestic affairs of other countries. According to these liars, the Cuban Revolution was indigenous, etc etc, Yeah right! See my article

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't need to see your article. Cuba may have been backed to the hilt by the Soviet Union once, but that doesn't mean that what I - and Hone - said is correct.

The United States has a history of trying to destabalise left-wing governments in Latin America. Are you disagreeing with this statement?

9:09 PM  
Blogger Just my opinion said...

Anon, I think you should really read that article before getting on your high horse. Are you going to also criticise the even heavier influence the ex Soviet Union had in South America and in the horn of Africa.. or are you going to bleat more anti Americanism because it suits your geopolitical world view?

11:42 PM  
Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Yeah Hone...lets lay the SMACK DOWN on the US of A. Send over our tanks and our airforce and our.....

3:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no geopolitical world view, Heine. I made a simple and factual statement which someone then disagreed with. At that point libertyscott came and backed up my point. End of story.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still trying to figure out what it is specifically that Hone said that Trevor disagrees with.

Which part of it do you find offensive, Trev?

Either you want the United States to destabalise Cuba, or you are claiming that the United States has no history of destabalising left-wing Latin American governments.

Which is it?

2:56 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

Anon I'm disgusted that Hone is so supportive of Castro's dictatorship. A very shameful thing for an NZ MP.

I hope that the US does try to help the freedom fighters in Cuba get rid of the Cuban Communist Party.

I don't think there is much danger of that right now though with the US so bogged down in the Middle East.

3:24 PM  

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