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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Roy on Boosting Police Manpower

Good staff seem to be leaving the police faster than the government can recruit them.

In her latest "Diary", ACT MP and national security spokesman, Heather Roy suggest ways to boost police manpower.

Maori Wardens

Maori Wardens fulfil a very useful and constructive role in their communities. I saw Maori Wardens in action during my visit to Waitangi and they were present in force at Dame Te Ata's tangi, assisting ably with controlling the crowds at both events. These wardens could and should be given some formal credit for the great work they perform and the respect they have where they are actively engaged in keeping law and order. A formalisation of their role by government would help fill many of the gaps currently existing and assist with the poor recruitment uptake the police are experiencing.

Special Constables

Special Constables are another group that could have their role expanded to help in areas where police are struggling with recruitment and retention. Legislation is already in place to allow this to happen. Special Constables can be appointed under Section 192 of the Summary Proceedings Act 1957, and are authorised to protect people with all the powers, duties and responsibilities of a constable.

Write-down of Student Loans

Labours great election bribe was to allow graduates to retain the interest free status of their student loans for as long as they stay in the country. It's a bribe that worked - it bought votes, but will not help alleviate recruiting difficulties like those the police are experiencing. A much better scheme would be to target these graduates and allow them to retire debt in return for a period of commitment with the police. This scheme could also be used in other areas of national security, such as our defence force or other professions with recruiting difficulties.

The Malone Scheme

The army runs a scheme - The Malone Scheme.... Up to 15 young men and women each year are assisted financially through university in return for a period of territorial service when they graduate.

The Police could also run such a scheme. There is certainly no shortage of police officers who have served with distinction or been awarded for bravery and would be worthy of bearing the name of a scheme like the Malone scheme. Amongst the many worthy contenders is Sergeant Stewart Graeme Guthrie....

New Zeal Sergeant Guthrie was the heroic police officer killed by David gray, during the Aramoana massacre of 1990.


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