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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ken Goes Caracas

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez will do deals with anybody. As long as you're a Marxist nutter, or support some form of terrorism, you're in.

Now he's struck a deal with one of the planet's looniest lefties, Mayor of London "Red Ken" Livingstone.

From the Taipei Times

The point at which Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez decided that London should serve as a model for services and governance in Caracas was not immediately apparent. He came in May, visited City Hall amid much controversy and fanfare, and was soon gone.

But the result of his visit is likely to be an extraordinary deal struck with London Mayor Ken Livingstone that would see Caracas benefit from the capital's expertise in policing, tourism, transport, housing and waste disposal.

London, meanwhile, would gain the most obvious asset the Venezuelans have to give: cheap oil. Possibly more than a million barrels of the stuff.

South American diesel would be supplied by Venezuela -- the world's fifth-largest oil exporter -- as fuel for some of the capital's 8,000 buses, particularly those services most utilized by the poor.

The exchange arises from the high-profile offer Chavez made to London during his visit to City Hall in May. Since then officials have been meeting in London and Caracas to bring the barter deal about.

On Tuesday Livingstone confirmed that the agreement was in the making, and finer details were being thrashed out.

"We have poor people in London. We are the richest city in Europe and yet we have the disgrace of child poverty," he said. "They have a vast population living in slums, and we have a lot of experience in terms of housing policy and all the things we know about how to take a city and make it function."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a good deal both ways Trev. Whats the problem?

Also Red Ken is pretty pathetic nowadays- he rejoined Tony Blairs lot and crossed an RMT picket line a couple of years ago.

What a nutter, eh?

7:30 PM  

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