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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Adam Smith Honoured

Hat Tip No Pasaran

From The Independent

The Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, has announced that a portrait of Adam Smith will feature on a redesigned £20 banknote, to come into circulation next year. He is said to be the first Scot to be so honoured, although he is already on the £50 note issued by the Bank of Scotland. He replaces the composer, Sir Edward Elgar, who has been the face of £20 since 1999. The note will also show a picture of a pin-making factory and summarise Smith's conclusions on the benefits of the division of labour.


Blogger Just my opinion said...

He is from the same town as Gordon Brown which is very ironic!

4:50 AM  
Blogger Rob Good said...

Good to have a change and great to have a Scot involved.

8:16 AM  

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