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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cuban Head of World Peace Council

In May 2004, in Athens, 77 year old Cuban, Orlando Fundora was elected President of the World Peace Council.

Who is Orlando Fundora?

As a union leader in the 1950s, Orlando Fundora joined the underground movement against the Batista regime. In 1955 he organised a strike against the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Havana. He was jailed several times and allegedly suffered beatings and torture.

Fundora become a founding member of the 26 of July Movement lead by Fidel Castro and in late 1958 was exiled to Venezuela by Batista.

Following the Revolution Fundora became a founder of the Cuban Communist Party, the Cuban Workers’ Federation's, "Union Radio," and Radio Habana Cuba.

In 1966 he became director of the Latin American News Agency "Prensa Latina" and later served as chief of information of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Cuban Communist Party.

Fundora has represented Cuba on three occasions to meetings of the Non-Aligned Nations and has been invited to speak in France, Italy, US, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, China, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Canada, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Belgium and Germany.

while accepting the Presidency of the World Peace Council, Fundora also remains President of the Cuban Movement for Peace and Peoples' Sovereignty (MOVPAZ), a post he has held since 1985.


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