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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Japanese Communist Party Says "Today the World is Interesting"

While little known in the West, the Japanese Communist Party is huge, influential and quaint.

From the Communist Party USA's Political Affairs magazine

A total of 200,000 people from around the country took part in the Japanese Communist Party's 39th Akahata Festival held November 3-5 in Tokyo, and enjoyed its political, entertainment, cultural, and sports programs and events.

Participants showed enthusiasm for the defense of the Constitution and pledged to achieve the JCP's progress in the 2007 two nationwide elections.

On November 3, JCP Social Science Institute Director Fuwa Tetsuzo gave a lecture with the theme of "Scientific View" which has become a major event at the festival.

The gymnasium where the lecture meeting took place was already full 30 minutes before it began. About 3,000 people in the arena and aisles listened eagerly to the lecture entitled, "Today, the world is interesting."

Many participants visited the exhibition entitled "" that shows the realities of the JCP from five aspects - opposition party diplomacy, Party Program, party activities at the grassroots level, finance, and history.

On the second day, more than 300 buses carrying participants from throughout the country arrived one after another at the venue.

At an open-air theater, traditional comic storytelling and performing arts attracted a record-high of 4,000 people.

About 200 candidates in their 20's and 30's for next year's local and Upper House elections gathered at the gymnasium arena, and expressed their determination to change government policies in order to improve young people's employment and living conditions.

During the Akahata Festival, 142 people joined the JCP. A young new member from Saitama Prefecture said, "I want to make this Akahata Festival a memorable event to start to live a meaningful life." Another new member from Yamanashi Prefecture said, "I want to change this society in which life hinges on money."


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