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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Latin America's Most Dangerous Revolutionary?

While Fidel Castro and Venezuela's Marxist president Hugo Chavez love to posture on the international stage, my vote for Latin America's most dangerous revolutionary goes to Marco Aurelio Garcia.

The man behind Brazil's Marxist president "Lula"da Silva, Garcia has played a hugely influential role in orchestrating the recent advance of socialism across Latin America.

From 1969 to 1973 Garcia, a Brazilian, was politically active in Chile during the Salvador Allende regime. Working closely with the Cuban backed Allende, Garcia was also close to Cuban operatives. .

In 1980, Garcia helped found the Brazilian Workers Party (PT) and has served as it's Foreign Affairs advisor ever since. In the recent election he was "Lula's" campaign manager.

In 1990 in collaboration with Castro, Marco Aurelio Garcia called a meeting of all left-wing groups from Latin America and the Caribbean. Representatives from 48 different communist parties and terrorist groups attended. This gathering became a near annual event, known as the São Paulo Forum until being replaced in recent years by the World Social Forum movement.

As the architect of the Sao Paulo Forum, Garcia controlled and coordinated Latin America's main socialist parties, communist parties and terrorist organisations from Chile to Mexico.

To quote Brazilian philosopher and commentator Olavo de Carvahlo

Far from being a possible US ally in any political effort intended to stop the neo-communist rise in Latin America, Brazil has been for many years the real strategical center where from communist action spreads to the neighbouring countries.

The very decision to found the São Paulo Forum was taken by Fidel Castro in a meeting where, to his own exception, everyone present was a Brazilian: Lula, Frei Betto and Bernardo Kucinsky. Lula, a Brazilian, presided the organization for twelve years. The Forum's official magazine, America Libre , is run by a Brazilian, Emir Sader, while in the editorial board most of the members are Brazilian. The main political articulator of the Forum's meetings is also a Brazilian, Marco Aurelio Garcia.

If Lula is right to say that the many victories obtained by the Left in the continent are due to the Forum's secretive actions, so they are, in substance, a result of Brazilian political planning.

Garcia describes his party, PT, as "radical, of the left, socialist" but that is only partly true. The PT consists of about a dozen major currents, raging from Trotskyist and Marxist-Leninist to left social democratic. The PT ran in the recent election as a formal partner of the Communist Party of Brazil.

Garcia himself is a hard line Marxist. In an article which he wrote on "The Communist Manifesto" he ended "The agenda is clear. If this new horizon which we search for is still called communism, it is time to re-constitute it".

He has also been famously quoted as saying "We have to first give the impression that we are democrats...Initially, we have to accept certain things. But that won't last." and "Democracy is just a farce for taking power".


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