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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rodney Rubbishes Rates Review

From Rodney Hide's Blog

Local Government Minister Mark Burton is a waste of rations.

His Rates Inquiry that he’s spent 10 weeks dreaming up is a shocker even by his appalling standard.

Here’s the Inquiry’s objective:

"To consider issues relating to current local government rating, and to other revenue raising mechanisms, and provide recommendations to the Government for enhancing rating and other funding mechanisms for local authorities."
“To consider issues” ! How vacuous is that

It should be perhaps, “How to get the bastards under control so they don’t waste our money, don’t rob us blind, and deliver the basic services that we expect from local government efficiently and effectively.”

Of course, Labour didn’t want this inquiry. It’s just to provide an excuse for Winston Peters not to vote for Bill to cap rate hikes that would have put local government on a diet.


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