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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rodney's Regulatory Responsibity Bill

I went along to hear ACT leader Rodney Hide speak at a debate at the Grand Chancellor Hotel yesterday, on his Regulatory Responsibility Bill, shortly to go before Parliament.

For a summary of the speakers and their views go here. To visit the campaign website go here.

Basically the Bill would function like the Fiscal Responsibility Act or the Reserve Bank Act.

It would force government to be accountable for all future regulations.

Any regulation passed would have go through a very stringent set of procedures, before it could be justified.

Even better, all regulations would be reviewed after five years, including all already in force.

Every regulation on the books would be reviewed and if found not to measure up, or be achieving the desired effect, would be history.

Like the FRA or the RBA, Rodney's Bill would be a permanent and vigorous deterrent to irresponsible Government.

United Future is behind the Bill as are many Nats and several members of other parties.

Rodney is very confident about this Bill which he regards as the most important of his career.


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