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Friday, November 10, 2006

US Communists Back Democrats for 2008 Victory

From the Communist Party USA's theoretical journal Political Affairs 9.11.06

A progressive agenda that unites a broad coalition of African American and Latino people, working families, anti-Iraq war voters, women, LGBT people, environmental friendly people, and youth and seniors behind the new Democratic-led Congress can set the stage for completing the victory launched by the 2006 election.

An agenda that fights to protect affirmative action, reproductive choice, worker protections, Social Security and pensions, to reduce costs of and expands access to health care, makes prescription drug programs work for seniors, subsidizes clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels, legalizes immigrant workers with a real path to citizenship, in conjunction with broad pro-civil rights policies (including for LGBT people) can unite and energize the coalition needed to win another people’s victory in 2008. Join us in making this happen.


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