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Monday, December 11, 2006

Prebble Off Key?

Former ACT leader, Richard Prebble isn't quite as complimentary about new National leader, John Key, as he has been.

From The Letter

John Key has publicly rejected dropping race based policies, rejoining ANZUS, has embraced Kyoto, talked of increasing social spending and has re instated PC by appointing a woman’s affairs spokesman. National has given up the high ground on election funding. While John Key says he favours tax cuts he has made Bill English his finance spokesman who has publicly questioned the connection between tax cuts and growth and as finance minister did not promote free enterprise solutions.

History lesson

It is worth remembering that National has tried the me-too policy before, in the 2002 election, and the result? The worst defeat in the parties history. National tried a clear policy choice last election. The result? The best result for National for 15 years.

Winning strategy

Don’s Orewa speech galvanized National’s base and attracted new members and support. Muldoon showed that the one thing worse than a Labour government is a National-Labour government. National’s leadership seems to be saying that it is willing to enter into a coalition with the Maori party who split with Labour because there were some race based policies even Labour would not adopt. Turia called in a recent speech for other races to have separate representation in parliament!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They will never learn it seems.During the last election tv debates Brash had Clark beaten if only he had landed the killer principled blow.At one point Clark blustered about Labour supporting individual liberty! I thought "hes got her! the lying socialist bitch has been cornered!"....Sadly she was let off.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

John Key has publicly rejected dropping race based policies,

I've been waiting for this. Ref??

2:37 PM  

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