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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Adoption Option-One Couple's Experience 5

Part 5 our experiences with the adoption system. Part 4 is here.

Eighteen months later James is a rambunctious, super bright and mischievous little boy. He loves cars, tractors, planes, Bob the Builder, his sister, his little friend Jack and rough and tumble. He is very popular with our friends and family and people are always trying to “borrow” him. Sarah has graciously allowed us to adopt her little boy. We are flattered that she trusts us that much and overjoyed that James is now our son. It was Tracey’s best ever birthday present.

Our little girl, Lara (from Dr Zhivago) has eight teeth, her brother’s beautiful big brown eyes and the most gorgeous smile. She has a vocabulary of at least 50 words and several short sentences (her first being “No way daddy”) She is a beautiful, happy little girl. She is going to be a very pretty young lady and already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

They are just lovely kids. They are both angels with more than enough stroppiness to make life interesting. They really are our pride and joy

We have regular contact with Sarah and some of her family and have met the kid’s father and older half sister. This hasn’t always been easy, there is lots of emotion and confusion involved. I believe that if you establish clear access rules and boundaries right from the beginning it can work out well for all.

Tracey always knew she was adopted but had no idea about her natural parents until she tracked them down when the law changed. She remembers a lot of confusion and upset about her natural parentage during her teen years. We’re hoping that by being open and allowing the kids access to their “birth parents” they may be spared much of what Tracey went through.


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