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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Treatment of Female Prisoners in Iran

It sickens me to see the Western left supporting Venezuelan President Chavez, when he he makes no bones of his alliance with Iran.

The Iranian regime is extremely brutal, particularly towards elements of the Iranian left and other political opponents. Women activists are not only imprisoned and executed but are also often subject to extreme degradation.

Extracts from the testimony of Zari Erfani
published on the leftist feminist website Rahai Zan

It happened in the Women block of Evin prison in 1997, after 3 days in isolation cell without food, I was taken to the interrogation, I was in isolation cell for 3 months and two guards, together, 7 times in 24 hours, raped me. I was so shocked that my all hairs got into white. I was tortured by Goodarzi and Abdolrazaghi. Then I was transferred to Women’s jail of political block number 1 of Evin prison in a room of 12 s.m. with 26 people.

The prison keepers were Mrs. Kobra, manager of the women’s block, Maghiseh, Khajegan and Azadeh inside the block and Haj Rezaii was the prison director.

Parvaneh Rahimi got pregnant from jail keepers and for overcoming to her family appeal, she killed her child by diverting the heating radiator on her child head and broken his head in the mothers’ jail at night. The mother was killed by injection of a virus by which she died gradually.

Kobra Vabasteh, 23 years old, with an unhealthy leg, worked in a company of revolutionary guards and 5 guards were raping her from both sides, when her parents got awarded of it, sued them but the innocent girl was taken to jail.

Saltanat, 26 or 27 years old, has been executed after 16 years being jail.
A girl of 24 years old later being in jail for some months, were executed by hanging with wire rope.

Kajal from Democratic party of Kurdestan, when a delegation from Islamic country came to visit prison, explained that this food, blankets fruits, sheets are just because their visit from prison not for all the time. He showed his back to the delegation where was burned by picnic gas. This brave woman was taken for torture when the delegation left. When she was back, her wrist was replaced, even then she tear up any picture of khamene ei hanged on any walls.

Sheida Majd was the daughter of Khorram, she was called by her husband’s name. Before execution, her nails were taken out and her golden ring was in the hand of Maghiseh. Her husband was executed too.

Maman Monir was in jail for 18 years.
Roya was one of the political activists and her husband too. In front of her husband was raped. Her husband suicide in the bathroom of jail and she was psycho sick too.

A lady was arrested just because of being follower of Monarchy, she is now 40 years old. In Jail, she was raped by 3 or 4 men, together, a prono film was made from it.

Mojgan from Shahed district of Tehran Pars was taken to jail. She was 18 years old whom husband was killed in war, she was in jail for 12 years and still is in jail. She had a child of 2 or 3 years old and one day a molla asked her for a temporary marriage but she rejected. The molla used his power to force her. One day Mojgan took molla to her home. She went to sleep her baby but in fact taking a knife from kitchen and returning in the room and attacked molla. She was taken to jail for spying charges. Now she is in jail for 12 years and of raped too. She says that if I knew that I should be raped every day, I could stay outside taking care of my child! Why here!

A girl of 16 being taken to jail whose mother was married with RayShahri. One day that her mother was not home, RayShahri took the opportunity and raped her. When she talked to her mother, RayShahri denied it and her Uncle condemned her fort his and the girl is being taken to jail. She has the execution sentence. She cries every day so badly.

Maryam, scholar of sociology, 4 moths in temporary jail of police, isolation cell, was slashed together with two other ladies then was taken to Evin. Roghayeh and Zinat whom were with her, were executed.

Soheila, cherik fadaii khalgh, ( follower of a Marxist organization) is in jail for 12 years. She has been raped frequently. She is graduated in university and arrested in cultural revolution.

Nastran Riahi, she has been here 3 years before I came in, she is Mojahed, despite writing regret letter, she has been executed.

Parvaneh Mozafari, her brother was paralyzed and his nails were taken out. Before Evin, she was in Karaj prison, she was hanged up on hook, she was tortured a lot. She was transferred to isolation cell. Her interrogator was AbdolRazaghi. She was in Karaj prison for 4 or 5 months. Her parents were executed. She was slaved for mollas in Evin prison ( temporary Islamic riled relation) the molla who was director of there, raping her and praying before rape!

Mijgan was 2 moths before me. She was the third year of medical university, she rejected to autopsy an executed young man of 27 who was political activist and executed, it was explained that he was fighting against Islam, but she rejected and protested to this. She has been tortured and kept in jail fort hat.

In Block 1, room 3, 24 people were tortured because of leaking information.
Fariba 24 years old, political armed struggle activist, was tortured very much and jailed with no sentence.

Aazam, accounting stuff, got information of billions embezzlement , 2/3 of the factory budget was got into pocket of Minister of public insurance. Aazam disclosed it, she was summoned by revolutionary court one year later and got suspended for her work and after getting lawyer and appeal to the sentence, she was taken to Evin with fort the planning against Minister of public insurance. Her daughter Maasoomeh, of 6 year old, was 3 when taken to jail, her daughter was very scared of Kobra khanom.

Parvaneh Rostami 26 or 27 years old, was a political activist and had no sentence, tortured very severely and was in jail for 7 years.

Nahid, was in Evin prison for about 15 years, her hands was paralyzed because of torture. She was 41 years old and member of Toodeh (Communist, New Zeal))Party. She was very wise and all the time struggling( resistance). She was betrayed when delivering document and embezzlement of prison( she leaked information from prison)

Shahla 25 years old and was in prison for 3 years. Her brother was member of a political organization and executed. She went to get her brother body(Corps) but she was addressed to condemned grave yard ( it is a part of Tehran public grave yard named Condemned district). Shahla spitted and shouted. 3 guards arrested her and tortured her very severely then transferred her to the women’s blockjail. She was raped too.

Haj khanom was in Evin for 9 years and she was 52 years old. She was taking care of a baby of 8 month age. The baby’s mother was political prison and gave birth to this baby inside prison, but executed. Haj khanom’s husband was imam of a mosque and their home was in Vosoogh Sq. In Tehran. Her husband in the name if helping women, was receiving women at home and in a room raping them, by imposing Islamic temporary marriage rule. One day a pregnant woman came to their home and saying the Haj khanom’s husband ist he father of her baby and he must take the responsibility. At this time, haj khanom found out how her husband is helping women. Haj khanom helped this woman to sue Imam( haj khanom’s husband) but as usual, imam was found not guilty. The woman goes to higher court to sue again, imam was present in the court too. Imam had a gun at home all the time. Haj khanom took the gun when was going to court. When the verdict was that imam is not guilty. She shot the judge and her husband. Imam was dead.

Fattaneh 22 years old from Arak( a city in center of Iran) her father was in SAVAK ( the intelligence and security organization of Shah) and was killed. Fattaneh was very beautiful. She was taken to the party of high rank authorities and she had to dance fort hem and at the end was given to one molla each time. One day when Fattaneh was returned to jail, she shouted in front of those who came to visit their relatives in prison and leaked all what happening, despite that she had no execution sentence, she was executed after severely tortures. In the time of execution, she was 24 and had sentence of 22 years in jail.

Homa 28 years old. From Ali Goodarz city, student of third year in university. She was with cherk ha ye fadaii khalgh, she was in isolation cell for 3 months then transferred to Evin. All of her nails was taken out and her body was tortured by a pliers. She was virgin but raped in jail.

Nayarreh was mojahed and 8 years in Evin. It was 5 or 6 months that she was transferred to Evin. She was arrested in an explosion operation, she was 18 when arrested and now 26 years old. She signed her execution sentence. On her body was signs of tortures. She was executed.

Mitra was kurd and from Sanandaj, she was in Evin more than a year before me. She had 3 kids. She had arm activity in Democrat party. She was arrested in arm conflict in Baneh. Mitra has no sentence yet but was tortured and raped severly. She had no visitors.

Sorraya was arrested for about 6 or 7 months. She was sentenced 5 years in jail. She had 2 kids. She was raped.

Robabeh was in jail for about 5 years. 32 years old and single. Graduated in university. And political activist. 4 months in isolation cell. Tortured and raped. After five years there was still sign of lashes on her body.

Sima 27 years old. She was in jail for 3 years. She was student of teachers university. And very beautiful. The first person who raped her was Haj Rezaii( prison director). She was tortured and lashed and raped by stick

Mina was about 30 years old. She was Mojahed. And judged by Haj agha Hosseini in revolutionary court. She was raped with a bottle.

Parivash and Parisa were two sister and political activists in Amol operation named Sarbedaran. Their brother could escape. They were in prison since 1981 without any sentence. They were tortured by Amole revolutionary guards and raped. They were tortured very much. Parivash body was burned by cigarettes. The signs of burning was still on her body.

It was 8 months that I was arrested in 1997 and Goli was 9 month of her arrest. Goli was a member of cherik ha ye fadaii khalgh and had execution sentence. In this period, she was severely tortured and raped. On her back was burned by kabab stick the word of Allah( God) her whole body was wounded. She was raped by stick. Goli was 26 years old.

There was a room in Evin where the women with more than 50 years of age were being jailed. They were all with prison background and mostly from Toodeh party. They were 12. their condition was so bad and painful. They were like dead moving. They could not control their urine and had sentence of life in prison. We were going to their room for helping them.

Zeinab was from Gonbad political group. She terrored the molla accompanying Khalkhali. She lost her teeth in torture. She was sentenced to execution. She was severely tortured and raped.

Kobra was from Zahedan and she was suspected for co-operation with arm smuggling and politic activity., she was in Sistan prison for 3 years and 8 months then transferred to Karaj, then to Evin. She was tortured very severely she looked like 30 years old. She was there one and half year before me. Around end of 1995, she was there around 7 years. There was the signs of lashes and burning on her body. She was burned by a tool like welding torch. She was raped and had sentence of 32 years in prison.

Khadijeh Babaii from Karaj, was 5 or 6 month transferred to Evin, she was tortured in zir hasht( a SAVAK period torture center) she was raped.

Hajar came 7 months later, she was from Noshahr and student. From cherik ha ye fadaii khalgh, she was in Noshahr prison for one year. She was raped in Evin. She had no visitor. Her finger was broken in torture. She had no sentence

In the second room of down block 1, near to Naneh Aghdas room, there was a lady whom was in prison for 4 years. She was taken to Evin when giving birth in hospital. She was 27 years old and her husband was Mojahed and executed. There were signs of tortures on her body. The affection of hand cop was on her wrist. She was in isolation cell for 9 months and was arrested in Arash women’s hospital of Tehran Pars. She was just from giving birth bit tortured. She had no sentence.

Mahsa 24 years old, student of second year in medical university. She was arrested for spreading political announcement papers in Toopkhaneh Sq. Of Tehran. She was in isolation cell more one year. She was tortured and raped. Her leg was lamed

Zohereh, mother of two kids, political activist. She was living around Jajrood. 40 years old. 6 months in isolation cell she was in isolation cell 3 months before me. She was tortured very badly and raped. She had no sentence.

Sahar Hedayati, was suspected for playing a role in prono film and was sentenced to death by stone. But it was not true. She was political activist and the interrogators and torturers made porno film with her.

What was the share of women from history! Pain, torture, that’s all! For each millimeter of freedom that she gained, she paid by her dignity and life. For earning a humane life, she is still being tortured, raped and executed by those who fed from her blood and body.

As long as the man run society is the culture of a society and not taken away, women will have no civil right equal in political power share.

As long as women give their energy uselessly and leave the battle to men because of their fear from man rudeness, women will not reach a happy time.

Not only women but also men will be effected by that and cultural corruption will be continued and having a humane, , beautiful society free of corrupt culture, poverty, prostitution , defragmenter family will not be possible.

Women are the occopier of tomorrow. If they take their responsibility seriously and to treat the pain of society and break down the mystery of man run society and its criminal moolas anti women regime who is fighting against women. The political participation of women and creating of a modern regime is the only way of freedom.

Signed by: Zari Erfani
Zurich, Oct. 2006


Blogger mah29001 said...

Have you seen the disguisting comments coming from Rosie O'Donnell? It's no wonder why people suggest how the U.S. and the West are "evil" but then embrace Iran which is what really a gulag?

Well, it seemsm like with the recent hostage crisis, Iran is asking for a few airstrikes is what I suspect would happen.

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a lefty. Heres what I think (I came up with this all bymyself without ant party leaders or brainwashing involved)

I dont actually spend much time thinking about Venuzuela (I cant even spell it) but Chavez seems like a social democrat with authoritarian tendencies who is violently opposed by the right in his country who prefer the more usual right wing paramilitary death squad semi fascist stuff that is more common in South and central america. If I was living there I would far prefer Chavez to the US backed right wing govt that seems to be the other option, but that doesnt mean I am excited or impressed By Chavez, and it certainly doesnt mean I have any time for the Iranian Govt so stop jumping to wild conclusions (again!)

by the way, did you hear that Chiquita the banana company was recently convicted of funding terrorism by paying a right wing militai in Guatamala or was it Colombia?
you should write about that Trev cos I lke to keep up with the news and I would have thought dodgy dudes with links to terrorism was right up your alley. or

Mr G

4:02 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

I don't know your affiliations anon, but Socialist Worker and I believe, the Socialist Party of Aotearoa, part of Radical Youth and Global Peace and Justice Auckland are all strongly pro Chavez and the Bolivarian Revoltion.

All these organisations claim to be pro feminist.

Chavez is openly and overtly allied to Iran.

Iran is guilty of horrific crimes against women such as those detailed above.

That makes SW and co collaborators.

Perhaps somebody from the above organisations would care to defend their support of Chavez and his Iranian butcher friends?

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part of Radical Youth? What are you basing this on? Or are you just jumping to conclusions quickly again?

6:43 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

Anon-I'm basing that on the the links between Radical Youth and GPJA which is pro Chavez and with the DSP's youth group "Resistance" which is ultra pro Chavez.

If I am incorrect, please let me know.

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radical Youth's links with Resistance are tenuous at best. They once wrote a solidarity statement with a young workers' demo they were holding against Howard's workplace reforms. Radical Youth is only linked with GPJA as far as any other group in Auckland that opposes the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan are.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

Anon Omar Hamed has had close ties to Resistance, as have other RYers.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me and a couple of close mates,a small
group to be sure,but still a group,are way against the war in Iraq,and we live in AK but would rather blow smoke up our own arse than be linked with GPJA or Radical youth.

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back in Stars and Stripes land its not only the women who get raped in prison. Buggered if I would want to be there.


5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Care to provide your devoted readers with the names and case histories of some of the people held in Camp X-Ray or at Guantanamo?

5:10 AM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

"Care to provide your devoted readers with the names and case histories of some of the people held in Camp X-Ray or at Guantanamo?"

So is KSM, al-Qaeda's No. 3 innocent and comprable to all the people in the Iranian gulag as this article states? Typical siding with terrorists.

5:30 AM  

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