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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Australian Marxist-Leninist to Visit NZ

Coal Wynter is a Brisbane based bio-chemist and a long time member of Australia's largest Marxist-Leninist organisation, the Democratic Socialist Perspective.

She recently spent a year in Venezuela reporting on Hugo Chavez's unfolding socialist revolution for Australian paper, Green Left Weekly. She helped organise Australia/NZ solidarity brigades to Venezuela, including in a tour at the time of the successful re-election of Marxist president, Hugo Chavez in December 2006.

Wynter will spend late May and early June in NZ, hosted by the DSP's best friends in this country, Socialist Worker.

On Wednesday May 30th at UNITE House, Auckland, Wynter will participate in a Unity Marxist Forum on "Socialism, the Labour Party and the Left" with blogger and "decembrist" activist Oliver Woods, unionist and Cuba solidarity activist Jill Ovens and Socialist Worker's David Colyer.

From Friday June 1st to Sunday June 3rd, Wynter will participate in the Worker¹s Party's Marxism 2007 conference in Auckland

On Tuesday June 5th and Wednesday June 6th Wynter to speak at Socialist Worker front, Venezuela Aotearoa Solidarity Together (VAST) meetings in Hamilton and Rotorua.