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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Iran/Egypt Ties a "Threat" to Israel

Is Iran moderating its stance towards Israel? Check this out from Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency

Government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham said on Tuesday that ties between Islamic Republic of Iran and Egypt would be to the benefit of world Muslims as well as the countries in the region.

He made the remarks in his weekly briefing.

Expansion of ties between Iran and Egypt could even be considered a threat to the terrorist Zionist regime, he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, based on the same rules and policies it severed ties with Egypt, is now ready to reestablish relations with that country, he said.

Iran's foreign policy seeks expansion of ties with all countries except the fake Zionist regime, underlined Elham.

The status of Islamic countries in defending their own rights as well as the legitimate rights of Palestinians is in a good shape, he observed.

On a question about Egypt's response to Iran for restoring ties, he said that Tehran believes that Egypt, by making a shift in its foreign policy, would give a positive response to Iran's request.


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