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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lindsay Mitchell on Consequences of National's Anti-Smacking Sellout

Former ACT candidate, Lindsay Mitchell comments on the results of National's sellout over the Bradford/Clark anti Smacking Bill.

National seems to have no idea of the consequences of what they have done. Lindsay has more foresight.

Thanks to National's compromise (that's right, the party that purports to believe in 'personal freedom') today power will be transferred from judges and juries (the people) to the police and CYF (the state). This isn't the trifling matter some think. God knows we need to do something about a small group of people who are not fit to be parents but that doesn't mean we have to submit to the state a massive degree of control over good and functioning families. There is absolutely no need to go this far.

And another thing John Key. You have opened the door to much, much more. Having succeeded with this folly the likes of the Children's Commissioner, Barnardos, Bradford et al will move to pushing for compulsory school checks. Then they won't need to wait for a report on a child - they can make their own. They will run the same stunts they used this time. Distorting figures, whipping up hysteria over what is, again, a problem being generated by a very small percentage of families.

You say you have saved the people from being "hung out to dry". No you haven't. You have just rolled over in the first of many battles the state will wage against innocent families. The War on Poverty, the War on Drugs - now the War on Child Abuse. More harm than good will come of it. Considerably more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Keys is a servant of international finance. As soon as he and his ilk take the treasury benches New Zealand will suffer a new round of treachery and betrayal with the blame being placed on the defeated Labour government.
The same old same old.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In retrospect I think it could be argued that the smacking compromise was a calculated political move aimed at wedging United Future by creating an illusory political consensus on the issue that made Copeland feel a new force in politics was necessary to deal with the excesses of the two major parties.

11:00 AM  

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