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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Russia-Venezuela Ties “At Peak Level”

As US-Russia relations plummet (become more honest), Venezuela's Marxist-Leninist president, Hugo Chavez cuddles up to his comrades in the Kremlin.

From Cuba's La Prensa Latina

Caracas, Jun 6 President Hugo Chavez asserted on Wednesday that relations between Russia and Venezuela are at their highest level, with a very comprehensive collaboration agenda.

In his news conference at the Miraflores Presidential Palace, Chavez said he accepted with great pleasure a recent invitation by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and he will fulfill it as soon as they both adjust their respective working schedules.

The Venezuelan president said bilateral relations will continue strengthening, especially in the economic, scientific and military spheres of cooperation.


Blogger mah29001 said...

No surprise of how Chavez is following in Vladimir Putin's footsteps in becoming a dictator. I also wonder if the likes of John Edwards is also on the payroll since he's getting help from Chavez friend-Danny Glover.

No wonder I keep on seeing Edwards often being promoted in the Communist Cuban Prestina Latina, organ for the Communist Party of Cuba. Edwards' "two America" rhetoric is right on the lines of painting one side the "oppressed" and the other, the "oppressee". But never mind that 400 dollar haircut or the 55k charge on a speech about poverty.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Golitsyn predicted:

[1] Rapprochment between Russia and China.

[2] United States of Europe (EU) with "former" Soviet Bloc nations in the tent.

[3] Central and South America taken over by Commies.

[4] PRC money and political influence throughout the Pacific Rim.

[5] India and resource-rich African nations Communised or brought into the Sino-Soviet orbit with trade deals.

[6] Communist-Islamofascist tie up allows these countries to wage a proxy war on the USA and freedom.

[7] UN progressively eroding and trampling on national sovereignty via Kyoto hokum and other transparent socialist devices.

Soon the USA and the few remaining holdouts of freedom and the classical liberal ideal (NZ, Australis, to some extent the UK) will be surrounded and obliged to surrender unless we get wise to the Communist agenda.

10:22 AM  

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