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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blair Nails it on Child Abuse

Sick of being held responsible for other people bashing, torturing and killing their children?

So's true liberal, Blair Mulholland.

If I hear the word WE again with regard to the Nia Glassie debacle, I am going to stick some people in a clothes dryer myself.

Take your royal WE and piss off. I have never abused a child. I have never hit a child. I have never stood by and allowed anyone to beat up on the innocent and defenceless. I did not cause you to act like a monster and beat a toddler to death. That would have been, oh, there's a word for it... YOU! To quote Johnny Rotten, there's a problem, but the problem is YOU.

That people think in terms of WE is precisely the problem. The collective mentality where children are raised by villages not parents allows parents to abdicate their responsibilities. Children cease to be taken care of a lot by two parents and are barely given care at all by numerous relatives. Socialism doesn't work in increasing productivity in a workplace - why on earth would it take better care of a child?

Let's be straight up and ask the hard questions: Is Maori culture is the problem here? Is Maori culture inherently deficient in raising children? From what I've seen, the best Maori parents are ones that raise their kids the way European parents raise them. The worst are those that pass them between relatives on a regular basis, an unthinkable concept in European culture. There is no "ownership" of the child. Without that "ownership" kids just become pint sized nuisances that drunk once-were-warriors can utilise as punching bags.

I believe that Maori culture encourages a lack of responsibility with regard to children, and it is up to individual Maori parents to break out of that mentality.

Me take ownership? HELL NO. That's precisely the problem. The buck is being passed to a (justifiably) concerned community, when hand-wringers have no right to do any such thing. Let's pass the buck back to those who should own it: drinking, dole-bludging, neglectful Maori parents. Yeah YOU. YOU take care of it. These are YOUR children. Stop beating them up!

The only responsibility that "we" have, if any, is consistently voting for governments that directly fund this gross dysfunctionality in our society with OUR money. Welfare reform is the only thing that is going to pull people out of the WE mentality and allow them to take pride in themselves and their own children. "We" should be ashamed that "we" have not voted out the clowns that encourage this vile system.


Blogger MandM said...

The problem is not the drinking, dole-bludging, neglectful Maori parents, the problem is people choosing to hit kids.

If you are a person who cares about doing the right thing, who has a personal moral code then some alcohol and dole bludging, even if you are Maori, will not force you to form a fist. Nothing could make you beat up your kids if the ethical framework is there.

Alcohol, drugs, living on a restrictive income, feeling miserable about your life simply take away some of your inhibitions, lower your spirit, but if you are a parent of character you still won't beat your kids.

The problem is not the factors you highlight, those factors only exasperate the problem. The problem is that some people have poor character.

Perhaps some cultures foster that poor character but no culture appears to be immune to it.

We (and yes I used we intentionally) need to have zero tolerance for family violence and we need to stop making excuses for it like race, culture, income, alcohol - people choose to be violent, we need to hold them to account.


10:51 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

Fair point Madeleine.

While it is possible to statistically prove that some groups are more prone to certain patterns of behaviour, it is still ultimately a personal reponsibility thing.

Only individuals can improve themselves. Only individuals can change their character.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I want a horse but have no stables, no ability to pay for the food and medical expences and no knowledge on raising horses there is no incentive for me to get a horse and if I did the spca would likely remove it. There are numerous goverment incentives to have children and if I am unable to raise them the goverment will steal from other citizens to fund my irresponsible choice. This welfare system we have was created before tecnology could effectivly prevent or remove unintended pregnancies. Change is long over due.

4:36 PM  

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