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Monday, August 06, 2007

Marxist Mayoral Candidate....Caracas?

From Indymedia

Socialist Organisation the Workers’ Party (formerly the Anti-Capitalist Alliance) will be contesting the Wellington mayoral race in 2007.

Bus Driver and Former President of the Victoria University of Wellington Students Association Nick Kelly will be the Workers’ Party candidate in this years mayoral race.

The aim of standing in these elections is two fold” says Nick Kelly. “The first is to raise the many issues facing workers, students, beneficiaries and other people struggling to survive in Wellington which are continually ignored by this council. The second is to help build a new workers political movement that fights to end capitalist exploitation and to build a socialist society.”

A major focus of the Workers’ Party is to build solidarity with international movements, an example of this is the call to make the Venezuelan capital Caracas a sister city of Wellington and encourage workers’ exchanges between the two. “The Workers Party want to build strong links between workers here and the socialist project in Venezuela” say Nick.

The Workers’ Party is standing mayoral candidates in several other Cities in New Zealand.


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