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Monday, September 17, 2007

How Socialist Extremists Took Over the New Zealand Labour Party Part 12

The SUP's People in Parliament

The 1984 Labour government was supported by a party shot through with Socialist Unity Party supporters, secret members and sympathisers.

The Labour Party's union affiliate organisations, policy council and executive (up to the level of party president) was thoroughly infiltrated by the SUP and its supporters.

In the 1987 General Election, the SUP used its leverage on Labour to get more "progressive" people into Parliament. This caused considerable controversy as unionists stacked electorate meetings around the country to ensure "suitable" candidates were selected.

An April 30th 1987 report in the Christchurch Star claimed that moderate Labour MPs were worried about "growing infiltration of safe labour seats by trade union candidates." Labour Party's president, Margaret Wilson, "today rejected suggestions of an orchestrated campaign by a Leftist element..." Jim Anderton admitted, however that "in Porirua trade unions had been clearly activist in support of Graeme Kelly."

Liz Tennet, a Clerical Workers Union official won the Island Bay nomination after a bitter fight with moderate Helene Ritchie, who later accused "unionists of stacking the election meeting."

In a speech at Massey university in July 1992 former Finance Minister Roger Douglas claimed that in 1986/87 then Labour President Margaret Wilson had gone "out of her way to pick a string of inadequate left-wing candidates". Douglas had discussed the situation with colleagues in an effort to establish what could be done about it, "the answer was nothing, given the constitution of the Labour Party"

At least three Socialist Unity Party linked Labour candidates were elected to Parliament in 1987.

They were, Sonja Davies in Pencarrow, Graham Kelly in Porirua and Larry Sutherland in Avon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trev, you really are getting plain stupid now - and as a decent, mature man that SHOULD worry you.

"Socialist extremists" took over the Labour Party ? The Labour Party which got big fat plaudits from the world's arch capitalists for being the FIRST small western democracy to step out into the "new" global economy. Led, very successfully, in that direction by the founder of your very own party !

All the empirical evidence makes callow shit of what you say Trev. Which leads me to this - you know how quite often I remark about The Chickenhawk - "I think, therefore it is....."?

Well, with you it's - "I SAY, therefore it is....." Stuff the empiricals and the verified historical record. You just "SAY".

That's sad Trev - if it's not you're deliberately, wilfully, disingenuously, talking shit - which is sad in itself.

Again, as I say to lots of you guys - Grow Up ! You can say and say and say all you like, but no one's fooled !

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems likely to me that there was a secret capitalist organisation whose members quietly joined the SUP and other far left organisations knowing they would be ordered to join the Labour Party, thus getting into a position to institute neo-liberalism.

What these capitalists didn't click to was that their organisation was being secretly manipulated by Red Chinese agents, laying the ground for a free-trade deal with NZ, with the intention of wrecking our economy and thus encouraging a Maoist socialist revolution complete with little red books and inflammable pajamas.

The scheme was planned in a Ministry of Works tea room by PSA members during a stopwork in 1974, according to a reliable source I met in a pub once.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam, that same guy's still propped against the same bar in the same pub.....I kid you not ! Talking to him recently I was.....he asked after you - fondly.

Same fulla recently opened the new ACT cell down the Napier-Taupo Road - doing well they are - Attendance on their inaugural night - 311 - (possums).....not bad I reckon !

11:16 PM  

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