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Monday, October 22, 2007

Nyquist on Nuclear Proliferation and the US's Dilemna

US commentator Jeff Nyquist produces perfect reading material for those in need of a sleepless night or two.

For a no-holds-barred view of international relations he is hard to beat.

Nyquist on the US, Iran, Russia, China and nuclear proliferation.

A few days ago President Bush made a chilling statement. He said that if we wanted to avoid World War III we must not allow the current Iranian government to acquire nuclear weapons. He spoke from the conviction that Islamic fundamentalists with nuclear weapons cannot be checked by the threat of retaliation. A faith that sanctifies suicide bombers might be expected to sanctify a suicidal nuclear exchange.

What nobody wants to hear, and nobody will say, is that the situation is much worse than President Bush imagines. More than half a century ago the Russians acquired nuclear weapons. In 1964 China became a nuclear power. While the nuclear martyrdom of an Islamic nation is to be feared, the rational use of nuclear weapons by Russia and China is even more likely. If a nuclear bomb were detonated in New York we would not be able to prove that Moscow or Beijing conspired in the attack; especially if Iran and North Korea possess nuclear weapons.

America can be attacked anonymously. The enemies of America know this to be true; therefore they want nuclear weapons technology to spread throughout the world. When New York and Washington are destroyed, nobody will know who ordered the attack. In that event retaliation will be impossible. Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) will be a thing of the past. The generals in Moscow and Beijing are working out a strategy based on the knowledge that America is defenseless; for America’s strategy has been based on a doctrine of massive retaliation.

The helplessness of the United States is increasingly obvious. In the long run the Americans cannot prevent the spread of nuclear technology. President Bush points to Iran and warns the world. But notice how helpless President Bush has become in recent months. Notice the paralysis in Washington. The American businessman will not support Bush’s policy. The Shopping Mall Regime believes in peace and economic prosperity. It will not prepare for war and economic decline (peak oil). It will not approve the construction of bomb shelters or tightened border security.


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