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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trotskyists Justify Violence Against Fellow Kiwis

The Trotskyists from Socialist Worker justify Maori violence against their fellow countrymen.

From UnityBlog

Some commentators - even some of those “on the Left” - are wagging their fingers at the people who are currently stewing in jail without trial or bail, saying they should have known better than to even look like they were preparing to challenge the State.

But this is a colonial nation. The New Zealand state was founded on acts of violence and dispossession of the tangata whenua. No-one disputes that. And no-one should be surprised that some Maori are not prepared to accept the status of a defeated people. Challenging the New Zealand state is their political birthright - not an act of “terrorism”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a dig at Trotter, who thinks the State is a weapon that can be used for Social Democratic purposes.

It also takes up the grievances of the Maori people whose property was illegally seized in a number of spurious colonial wars, invasions and mass confiscations. One would imagine a libertarian like yourself, Trevor, would abhor such wholesale theft by a State of people's land.

I have no doubt that if Japan had won World War II, and occupied New Zealand, you would have fought with your last drop of blood for independence and freedom. One hundred years would not dull your anger. You could thus possibly emphatise with how some Maori feel in NZ at the moment.

Socialists oppose acts of individual terrorism- i have heard them argue time and time again that mass movements are more effective in bringing about change. But these accused are not terrorists, and ACT party leader Rodney Hide has joined the Green and Maori party in opposing the draconian crackdown on our civil liberties in Helengrad. What a pity you are not in sync.

11:58 PM  

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