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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Will Bhutan Be The Next Maoist Domino?

Maoist Insurrection is threatening India and Nepal. Will the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan be the next domino?

From Maoist Resistance

Is peoples war going to hit Bhutan from this year? This is question with several answers. According to the unconfirmed reports have it that the Nepal based Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist - Leninist - Maoist) has decided to wage an armed struggle in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Report citing a high ranking Bhutanese Maoist Leader (name withheld) was quoted as saying that the CPB-MLM was preparing for a "people's War" in Bhutan.

The CPB-MLM was formed in the year 2001 right inside the Bhutanese refugee camps in the Districts of Jhapa and Morang in Nepal. He further says In the midst of growing unhappiness among the refugees over the issue of relocating the refugees to the US, the CPB-MLM was preparing to stage a "peoples' revolt in Bhutan".

Bhutanese Maoist sources said that they are planning to attack the top base camp of Bhutan at the time of election. For that they are making preparation in refugee camp in Jhapa and others part of Nepal. They said that,They are preparing like Nepali Maoist. They are sending 12 point to Bhutan government by this week.

The demand seems to be big to autocratic ruler of Bhutan. They are getting very big support from Nepali Maoists, Nepali people and world communist Movement

According to the refugee leader Teaknath Rijaal "we have completed all the physically training and all the material related to people war". He further said that this war will end the autocratic monarchy from Bhutan and establish a republican Bhutan.

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