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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Obama Endorsed By Radical Endorsed By Marxist-Leninists

In my opinion US presidential contender Barack Obama is an extreme leftist masquerading as a moderate.

Certainly Obama has been strongly supported by the Communist Party USA and the equally extreme and deceptively named Democratic Socialists of America.

Now Obama has been endorsed by of one the most radical black politicians in the US.

From the New York Observer

Barack Obama just picked up the endorsement of Councilman and outspoken black activist Charles Barron, who fended off questions that Obama represents a less militant, less aggressive form of black nationalism than Barron.

Barron, on the City Hall steps just now, told reporters:

“He came from the South Side of Chicago. That’s a black community where he took care and fought for black people on the South Side of Chicago. He’s introduced racial profiling legislation in the state of Illinois. His pastor, Jeremiah Wright believes in black liberation theology. He’s done a lot. He’s speaking about poverty now.”

When asked about the differences between Barron and Obama’s approaches to black nationalism, Barron replied:

He said he supports the black community. He’s said he’s been black all his life. You said he’s against black nationalism. He never said that. Matter of fact, he goes to a black liberation theologist church where they believe in a black Christ. So, he is for black people.

Who is Charles Barron?

Barron is a former member of the Manhattan branch of the Maoist leaning Black Panther Party. In recent years he has been a militant and vocal New York city concillor.

In 2006 he made an unsuccessful run at the Democratic Party nomination for the 10th Congressional District.

Barron was "endorsed" in that campaign by one of the most extreme left organisations in the country.

From Workers World 27th July 2006

The "International_Action Center" hosted a “Charles Barron for Congress” rally and fundraiser at its new office in Manhattan July 25. Barron, an African-American, is a New York City Council member from Brooklyn who is radical and outspoken on many domestic and international issues. He is seeking election on Sept. 12 in order to represent the 10th Congressional district.

Barron has a powerful mass base among Black voters in Brooklyn. One hope of his campaign is to reach out to broader sectors of the population for funding as well as political and organizational support. The IAC established “antiwar4Barron” to build anti-racist solidarity with the former Black Panther.

Larry Holmes, an IAC co-director, introduced Barron and told the audience, “Barron is a movement candidate. His views are global. He is not just against the war in Iraq but he is against all wars. Barron has no problem standing with the Palestinian people or supporting the Cuban revolution or Venezuela’s right to control its oil. With the antiwar4Barron component, we have the rare opportunity to help put one of our own in Congress.

Barron announced that he plans to host Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez at City Hall in September during the opening of the UN General Assembly.

He stated that “electoral politics are important because of what the people can extract from it,” like having a say in how the $58 billion city budget is spent. He went on to talk about his campaign program, which includes: “Bring the troops home now; Free Palestine; the people of New Orleans have the right to return, self-determination and the right to vote; free all political prisoners; reparations now and an end to police brutality.” He received a standing ovation when he ended his talk with these words: “America needs a revolution.”

The International Action centre is a front for one of the US's most militant Marxist-Leninist organisations, the Workers World Party. Larry Holmes is a member of the Secretariat of the WWP.

According to the New York Post;

An Obama spokeswoman said, "Sen. Obama disagrees with Councilman Barron's statements on several issues, but this campaign is about asking people to unite instead of divide, despite our differences."

Hat Tip Zionist Anti Communist


Blogger Oliver Woods said...

Christ you're insane mate.

6:54 PM  
Blogger mah29001 said...

Oh yea, like it's quite fine that Obama should have an endorser of someone who openly invited the likes of Robert Mugabe to New York to have him endorse Obama himself.

10:07 AM  

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