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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Obama-file 2 Barack Obama Was Endorsed by Chicago Marxists

Obama-file 1 here

Barack Obama came to Chicago in 1983, inspired by the city's new mayor Harold Hashington.

A long time Communist Party associate and probable member, Washington, who died in office in 1987, stacked the city's administration with communists and socialists.

Washington was also close to the Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA was formed in 1983 by from a coalition of former Trotskyists, "new left" activists, ex Socialist Party and Communist Party members.

DSA is now the US's largest Marxist organisation, however its moderate name has allowed it to infiltrate other parties, including the New Party, the Working Families Party, the Greens and particularly the Democratic Party.

DSA is strong in Chicago where it has real influence in the left wing of the Democratic Party.

It was in the incestuous circles of the Chicago Democratic Party/Socialist left that the young lawyer, Barack Obama began his political career.

In March 1996 Chicago DSA endorsed four candidates for the Illinois elections. They included;

Danny Davis

This is not Danny K. Davis' first run for Representative of the 7th Congressional District any more than 1983 was Harold Washington's first campaign for Mayor of Chicago. This time he's going to win the Democratic ballot line and go on to Congress.

And Danny Davis is certainly not foreign to Chicago DSA. From the very beginning, he has always been willing to help: appearing as a speaker with Michael Harrington, serving as a Master of Ceremonies without peer at the annual Debs - Thomas - Harrington Dinner.

The Seventh Congressional District runs from the lakefront straight west to the Cook County border. If you'd like to get involved, contact the Davis for Congress headquarters... Folks out in Oak Park can also call Larry Shapiro at...

DSA doesn't say it here, but Danny K Davis is also a DSA member. He was also a member of the New Party, which was formed as an electoral front by the DSA and the Communist Party breakaway organisation, Committees of Correspondence.

The Larry Shapiro mentioned above was also a DSA member.

William "Willie" Delgado

William Delgado is a candidate to win the Democratic ballot line for the Illinois House of Representatives in the 3rd District out on the west side of Chicago. He's a long time community activist with an academic background in criminal justice and social work.

Mr. Delgado is a real firebrand...

Willie Delgado was also a member of the New Party.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is running to gain the Democratic ballot line for Illinois Senate 13th District. The 13th District is Alice Palmer's old district, encompassing parts of Hyde Park and South Shore.

Mr. Obama graduated from Columbia University and promptly went into community organizing for the Developing Communities Project in Roseland and Altgeld Gardens on the far south side of Chicago... In 1992, he was Director of Illinois Project Vote, a voter registration campaign that made Carol Moseley Braun's election to the U.S. Senate much easier than it would have been.

What best characterizes Barack Obama is a quote from an article in Illinois Issues, a retrospective look at his experience as a community organizer while he was completing his degree at Harvard:

"... community organizations and organizers are hampered by their own dogmas about the style and substance of organizing. Most practice ... a 'consumer advocacy' approach, with a focus on wrestling services and resources from outside powers that be. Few are thinking of harnessing the internal productive capacities, both in terms of money and people, that already exist in communities."

Luckily, Mr. Obama does not have any opposition in the primary. His opponents have all dropped out or were ruled off the ballot

Barack Obama was also endorsed by the New Party-an endorsement he actively solicited.

Alice Palmer was a leftist who worked with some DSA members.

Carol Moseley Braun was also close to and enthusiastically backed by the Communist Party and DSA. Barack Obama helped her get her Senate seat then later took it over when Mosely Braun briefly ran for the US Presidency in 2004.

Obama-file 3 here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many smart people in the US think Obama is electable. I think Obama has no chance of ever being president. The public isn't aware of how far to the left he is. Once he is exposed he will sink like a rock on the national political stage. That is why I hope he gets the nomination.

Obama's far left record is a major problem but his religious problem is even worse. He belongs to a black seperatist church.

I went to the website when he first announced his candidacy and was shocked at what I saw. It is a christian version of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. The website has been heavily modified since then but you can be sure that the original has been archived and will be made public should he get the nomination. The pastor Jeremiah Wright is good friends with Farrakhan who he calls a great man. Obama has called Rev. Wright the most important influence on his life. Obama talks about diversity but his church rejects that.

Nobody from the leftwing of the Democratic party has been elected president in modern history. Kennedy would be called a neo-con today. Carter and Clinton were moderates. McGovern was from the leftwing of the left party and he lost to a disliked uncharasmatic Nixon.

Bring on Obama! I sense a 50 state knockout.

1:55 AM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

I've come around to your way of thinking Reid.

I saw Obama as more electable than Hillary, but now I see how vulnerable he is.

Hillary's marxist credentials have been exposed in the past, yet she is still a favourite.

Obama's left wing connections are still in the closet. Not for much longer though, I suspect.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, are non lunatics allowed to post here?????

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama can gain the highest seat then his Ayers Weathermen backers and the raging collusion of the Daily Kos freaks and the Cindy Sheehan coalition can rise and begin the BOMBING RUNS in the USA AGAIN, THIS GODD DAMMM IRAQ WARRR !! and blow up the pentagon and the WTC icons and police stations and attourney general offcies and all the OIL whigs places and seats of power !
the freakin REVOLUTION is BACK ON!
Ayers can provide cover and his Dad's CEO Commonwealth Edison public electric company money that covers ALL of northern Illinois to the tune of BILLIONS! and their left wing JUSTICE department can give them a THOUSAND PASSES as they destroy the Patriot Act and combine with the Muslim FORCES TO BRING DOWN THE USA !!!!!
Hell yeah babie !
MTV and the proletariat vanguard is on it's WAY UP !
(you may think I'm kidding but THEY are not )

10:10 PM  

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