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Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama-file 8 Baltimore Communists Back Obama

Obama-file 7 here

Baltimore, Maryland man, Tim Wheeler, is one of Barack Obama's biggest fans.

He is on the campaign trail with Senator Obama, blogging as he goes.

Wheeler canvassed for his idol in the recent South Carolina primary.

It is chilly and threatening rain but the media is predicting a record voter turnout of people fired up by Obama's message of hope. I rode down from Baltimore on a bus with 40 other volunteers. It was chartered by three members of the Maryland General Assembly who have kept us working diligently since we arrived. Nights we sleep on the gymnasium floor of the Y, strewn with mostly youthful volunteers from as far away as California...

I have been canvassing with a friend, Rev. Pierre Williams, a United Methodist minister in Baltimore. We got a vivid feel for just how deeply Obama's message is resonating here going door-to-door in a working class neighborhood yesterday.

Tim Wheeler was in Obama's campaign HQ as the primary results came in;

The Obama people are over the moon. I was at a precinct some four or five miles outside of Columbia, mainly a rural area. And it was a steady stream of voters all day. Overwhelmingly African American voters. There was a feeling of victory in the air.

I'm at the Obama headquarters and you can hear the cheering all over. It's really very exciting.

But who is this dedicated Obama-fan?

Is he a seasoned Democratic Party activist, or a new convert inspired by the charismatic young Senator from Illinois?

Tim Wheeler is neither-he is a second generation member of the Communist Party USA.

Wheeler is a member of the CPUSA National Board and has been a mainstay of the party's Baltimore Club since the early '70s.

From 1991 to 2003 Tim Wheeler served as editor of the party paper People's Weekly World. Currently he is the PWW's national political correspondent.

So what you say. Surely a communist paper has as much right to cover Obama's campaign as any other?

I have posted several times on the CPUSA's long term support for Barack Obama.

This is not historical. This is current. All over the USA Communist Party members and supporters are swinging in behind Barack Obama.

They have been working with and inside the Democratic Party to do so.

Go to the Obama'08 website and find the January 21 2008- Baltimore for Barack meeting minutes

You will notice that Tim and Joyce Wheeler are prominent members.

They are involved in organising local canvassing and visibility events.

Joyce Wheeler right

Joyce Wheeler is a retired school teacher and a long time Communist Party activist.

Two other prominent members of "Baltimore for Barack" are Jim and Margaret Baldridge.

Jim Paldridge is a peace activist and Communist Party member. He has also been active in the Democratic Party.

In 2004 Baltimore hospital worker, Baldridge ran as a Dennis Kucinich delegate in Maryland’s March 2 Super Tuesday primary.

From the Peoples Weekly World

I see the poverty and unemployment up close,” Baldridge wrote in an open letter distributed to his neighbors. “A vote for Kucinich is a vote to take back our country from the Halliburton corporate looters, to make the rich pay their share of the taxes … Our school deficit cries out for a president like Dennis Kucinich who will deliver on the promise, ‘Leave no child behind.’”

Margaret Baldridge is a former executive secretary of the Maryland Communist Party. She has been active in the party since the early "70s and was a founder of the Baltimore Committee to Free Angela Davis and another party front the National Alliance Against Racial and Political Repression.

The Wheelers and the Baldridge's are the backbone of the Baltimore Communist Party.

In a small town like Baltimore it is inconceivable that the local Democrats do not realise that they have four prominent Communist Party activists working in their midst.

Do they know but do not care?

The Communist Party has been ifiltrating the Democratic Party for decades. In some areas the Communist Party virtually runs the local Democratic Party machine.

The Communist Party clearly favours Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton or John Edwards.

Why do the Communists favour Obama? How many Party members are working in the Obama campaign? Why do the Democrats not seem to care?

Obama-file 9 here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Trevor,

I'm a (very) occasional reader, and first-time commenter.

What I want to know, is do you believe there is a substantive difference in smearing Barack Obama by discussing the dubious qualities of his supporters, and smearing Mitt Romney by discussing funds received from David Duke, or Ron Paul by discussing contributions he received from Don Black?

I can see that sly inference is your modus operandi, but your attempt to slag Obama by looking at his SUPPORTERS is a bit rich. Presumably in your books, the only way to rid himself of the taint of his commie hangers-on is to publicly denounce them?

Yours in amusement,

7:34 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

I can see your "sly inference" DenMT.

Read the rest of the series and you will see that Obama actively solicited support from the Marxist left and attended their functions.

That is the key difference.

Had Paul and romney actively solicited nutcase support they would deserve what they've got.

Read the post on Barack Obama and the Democratic Socialists of America which highlights that point.

You're trying to "slander" me by slanted insinuations and subtle wordplay DenMT, but I'm just far too clever for you.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Moneo said...

Oh come off it Trev, Obama is a committed centerist who praises President Reagan for his leadership and ideas.

There is pretty much no reason to believe he is going to sell out American interests at home or abroad, if anything he is, like most Democrats in the US, too beholden to the Conservative warmongering agenda.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The landslide victory of B. Hussein Obama over Clinton left me astounded.

I am backing John McCain, and in a cynical way rather hope B. Hussein Obama is the Democrat candidate, badly damaged after a mauling in the Primaries, a split party and limping to inevitable defeat in November.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

I think similarly Elijah, except I'm leaning slightly towards Mitt Romney, unless Ron P makes a miracle recovery.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you can know a candidate by those supporting him Trev, then what does the Kennedy support of Obama mean?

I expect to see a blog post shortly exposing the communist Kennedys. The Cuban missile crisis was obviously an elaborate sham to misdirect public attention from the "fact" JFK was pissing in Kruschev's pocket.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

Bobby and JF were OK anon, but baby brother is well known as an "ultra-liberal"-ie socialist in US terms.

Proves my point really.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trevor says "I'm leaning slightly towards Mitt Romney, unless Ron P makes a miracle recovery."

I support most of Ron Paul's economic ideas but could never support him for President. He is a paleo-libertarian who believes in military-political isolationism. Isolationism is utopian nonsense. If the US ever adopted Ron Paul's isolationism it would be very bad for NZ. NZ depends on the US Nuclear Navy for protection. If the US retreats NZ will be in a military situation known as "provacative weakness".

Ron Paul is also a bigot. He had Lew Rockwell write and edit his for-profit newsletter. His claims to not know what was being written in his name for 10 years is not credible.

Ron Paul will never be President. What he can be is a rightwing Ralph Nader. If Paul runs as the Libertarian candidate he will drain enough Republican votes to ensure a Democratic victory.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"NZ depends on the US Nuclear Navy"

In your dreams Yanqui scum.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if Ted Kennedy (ex-Comintern as we all know) is an "ultra-liberal" (and ipso facto a "socialist" - puzzlingly, "in US terms"'s a fluid thing is it Trev?).....then the Pope runs an abortion clinic.

And your claim that "In some areas the Communist Party VIRTUALLY runs the local Democratic Party machine....." is equally fantastic.

Rivalling indeed the "very real likelihood of the distinct possibility".....the line made famous in Treverland.....with apologies to The Glove, if you get my drift.

The right-wing standard of proof ! Thank Christ our judges and prosecutors are VIRTUALLY effete ultra-liberals then !

Whatever has whomsoever been putting in your pastry Trev ?

You're being plain silly, plainly. You've worked very hard to paint yourself into that silly corner though haven't you Trev.....

"Silliness" and "trip" suggestive mouthings are your trademark.

Well done chap !

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because a Communist supports someone is, in and of itself, not proof that the person being supported knows this.

However, having come from Baltimore and knowing a bite about the CPUSA operations there since the 1960's, I can say that the CPUSA has infiltrated the Democrat Party on certain ocassions, some of which are still classified (I had access to classified information both as an undercover operative and then as a journalist and/or as one who worked on a congressional study).

Wheeler is an old red who has now made his kids into red-diaper babies. He used to ride the local MARC commuter train, or the regular AMTRAK train to DC, and would leave copies of the old "Daily World" on the seats.

There was another CPUSA faction in Baltimore/Baltimore County that focused on infiltrating Jewish groups, until the wife of one CPUSA member (got tired of her husband's antisemitism, later divorcing him), some of her friends, and myself, exposed the group, thus driving a stake thru its red heart.

They never showed up as CPUSA members, but often as Democrats.

The point of this comment is that the Communists are prime-time opportunists, and will use anyone to further their goals (i.e. see the sponsors list of those who attended the Salute to Rep. Parren Mitchell (Democrat-Maryland) in the 1990's. It included several then present and future U.S. Senators and Representatives, and a lot of legitimate people.

However, they didnt' read the fine print on the invitation or didn't care because proceeds of the affair went to the CPUSA's paper, now called the "Peoples Weekly World."

Now you know why we call these kinds of people "communist dupes."

However, in the case of Obama, as in the case of Hillary Clinton, more and more hard-core reds are emerging from their careers/past.

When they do, the documentation must be absolutely accurate, verifiable, and put into the proper context.Then the reader can make up their own mind if there is "something rotten in Denmark", as the old American saying goes.

Max Friedman, member, Historians of American Communism

2:05 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Spot on, Friedman. But I'm pretty sure Bill Shakespeare should be credited for that remark :)

3:34 AM  

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