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Sunday, January 06, 2008

"Smoking Gun"-Proof That "Urewera 17" Were Linked To International Anarchist Network

The people arrested in the October 15th police anti-terror raids, the "Urewera 17" were not simply an isolated bunch of anti-social weekend warriors.

At least one (and probably several others) was involved with People's Global Action-an international network of indigenous and anarchist activists, known for their confrontational and often violent tactics.

In posts, here, here, , here and here, I have traced the lineage of the "Urewera 17" back to People's Global Action and the Mexican Zapatista rebels who inspired them.

The New Zealand wing of this network is alliance of Maori radicals and mainly pakeha anarchists based at 128 Abel Smith Street Wellington.

Up until now I have been unable to prove that any of the "Urewera 17" were directly involved with PGA.

That is until I discovered this email exchange from April 2005. Here are some directly copied excerpts.

[imc-wellington] (Fwd) PGA hui this Saturday...
ksimpson at ksimpson at
Wed Apr 27 15:26:08 PDT 2005

Previous message: [imc-wellington] (Fwd) urgent: MAY DAY weekend events...

Kia ora koutou,
just a quick update on the PGA hui this Saturday (April 30th). It's...

1-3 pm at 128 Abel Smith Street.

proceeded and followed by workshops as part of the 4 day May Day
weekend events. See:

The Agenda is:
1. Recap on why hui was called - Emily (& others?)
2. Recap on what PGA is - Teanau (& Maria?)
3. Quick round of who everyone is and what groups are represented, focusing on what are present campaigns
4. Discussion on what is our common ground and ideas for how we can all work more effectively together
5. Future PGA gatherings/events?
6. Reminder of jobs to do

Facilitation: Ira (& Emily?)


Hey again,
read below first if you don't what I'm on about... But this is the current state of affairs with the PGA (People's Global Action):

We can hold the first hui from 1-3pm on Saturday April 30th but we need a venue. What do you all think about the Cake Shop middle room? too small? Or 128 Able Smith Street? Any other suggestions?? Suggested agenda for the hui are: 1. recap on why hui was called (Emily and others?)
2. recap on what PGA is (Teanau)
3. quick round of who everyone is and what groups are represented, focussing on what are the present campaigns
4. discussion on what is our common ground and ideas for how we can all work more effectively together.
5. future PGA gatherings/events?

Quoting "Emily @ WRAG" :

Tena koutou,
just thought i'd send a message out developped from some korero with various people about this PGA Convergence idea. This is a conglomeration of the ideas i've heard:

April/May - have a Wellington PGA meeting sometime during the May Day weekend events or around that time, to check in with who we are and what PGA is all about and then a bit of planning for Convergence etc.

* Regular Tuesday night pub 'meetings' at Vincent's Bar in Newtown to be restarted?

July - solidarity (something?) for the G8 in Scotland.
- Have another PGA/ Wellington activists meeting to discuss forming a sustainable network or group. There is a call to have discussions on what we all want as a collection of activist groups and what we want/can all do personally (skills and experience-wise) so that we can organise effectively and focus our efforts better, maybe even generate income/mutual aid to support ourselves and whanau.

September - national 'Convergence' at 128, Aro Hall and Thistle Hall for a Friday night and weekend run as a participatory free school with workshops and planning/plenary sessions and maybe some talks and films, bands etc?

Ok so these are all ideas for now, but 'reply to all' or me if you want to help kickstart this. Send your opinions too and let me know if you don't want to be on this list. This was written by Emily Bailey with no authority from anyone else so take it as my two cents worth only... but you know... Chur, Emily (emily at

Emily Bailey is of course one of the "Urewera 17". She currently faces several firearms charges.

Ira is probably Ira/Timothy Bailey, Emily's brother. Ira Bailey is one of the "Urewera 17" and also faces firearms charges.

Teanau is almost certainly Teanau Tuiono, a confirmed PGA activist and Zapatista supporter. While not arrested on October 15th, Tuiono's home was searched by police and he is believed to have also trained in the Ureweras.

Maria is possibly Maria Bargh, a Victoria University academic and Maori sovereignty activist. Maria Bargh has been active with Teanau Tuiono in Aotearoa Educators, the New Zealand affiliate of PGA.

K Simpson is probably Ken Simpson, a Wellington based medical doctor, punk musician and anarchist who was involved with Emily Bailey's environmental film Kotahi Ao.

So here is the "smoking gun".

Proof that at least one of the "Urewera 17" was directly affiliated to People's Global Action-one of the most militant political networks on the planet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I know these people and can say clearly that this is just ignorant, witch-hunting bullshit.

So much for 'liberty'. You guys might try to defend the rights of political dissidents harassed by the state instead of predictably siding with the status quo whenever it's the rights of anyone who isn't white, male, and middle class involved.

This is why I left the right-libertarian movement after 10 years of involvement. I once read Ayn Rand and would have pushed Murray Rothbard's button instantly obliterating the government. But I've since learned you guys have nothing to do with real freedom and individualism- not for anyone unlike yourselves, at least. In America, instead of achieving liberty you helped nourish the social atmosphere which is shifting America is the direction of a semi-fascist oligarchy. I've seen you are no better here.

You blather about liberty and then write on the same side as the Terrorism Suppression Act which has thrown people I respect in jail purely because of her ideas. Excuse my Latin, but go fuck yourself.

1:10 AM  

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