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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama-file 11 Communists Muster Latino Vote for Barack Obama

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The Communist Party USA is out to get the Latino vote for Barack Obama.

It's an uphill battle, but a crucial one.

Latino Democrats tend to support Hillary Clinton, while Republicans lean towards John McCain because of his comparitively liberal positions on immigration and citizenship.

Nevertheless the Communists are going all out to turn Latino voters into Democratic voters in general and Obama voters in particular.

Senior CPUSA member Rosalia Munoz posted this report today on a party blog;

I'm active in East LA Obama activities, outreach to the neighborhoods by phone and shoe leather is mushrooming Obama support, manana is here its time to get out the vote all day Super Tuesday.

--Rosalio Munoz, Los Angeles, Calif.

Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) and state Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero (D) at east LA college rally for Obama were in the East LA Obama office calling voters Monday (Feb. 4). (Photo (c) Rosalio Munoz/People's Weekly World)

Xavier Becerra is a member of the CPUSA/Democratic Socialists of America linked Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Gloria Romero is the leftist majority leader of the California State Senate.

Rosalio Munoz is no lowly party hack, but is one of the most influential communist leaders in the USA.

The fact that he is actively campaigning for Obama is significant. He has clearly been entrusted by the CPUSA to get out the Latino vote for Obama and the Democrats.

Munoz has been working on turning Latinos to the Democrats for several years.

Before the 2004 US presidential elections, the Southern California district of the CPUSA organised a “Socialism, Democracy, and Defeating Bush in 2004,” conference.

Rosalio Muñoz, then CPUSA Southern California organiser stated, “It may be possible to trounce Bush in California and, if so, defeat right-wingers in Congress.” He added that ending right-wing control of both houses would create possibilities for real policy changes

Munoz is also secretary of the CPUSA's Mexican American Equality Commission, the party organ dedicated to spreading CPUSA influence among Americans of Mexican descent.

The Commission has influence in major trade unions, "community organisations" and Latino organisations across the US South West and California.

From the People's Weekly World 6th March 2004

TUCSON, Ariz. – Communist Party leaders and activists met here to discuss plans to bring out the broadest possible Mexican American and Latino vote to defeat the ultra right in the November elections and to strengthen the CPUSA’s work among this section of the population. The participants at the meeting, held in the Salt of the Earth Labor College on May 15-16, came chiefly from the Southwest and the West Coast.

Lorenzo Torrez, chair of the Party’s Mexican American Equality Commission, reviewed the Commission’s work in the recent period. He proposed the organizing of a left-center Latino coalition to mobilize the progressive sentiments of U.S. Latinos.
Rosalío Muñoz, CPUSA organizer in Southern California, reported on Latinos and the elections. He noted that the presidential race will be decided in key “battleground states.” A number of these, such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, are states where Mexican Americans are concentrated, he said.

Muñoz proposed that the CPUSA put out literature in both Spanish and English explaining what is at stake for Latinos in the upcoming elections.

In October 2007 Rosalio Munoz and another member of the CPUSA's Mexican American Equality Commission, Evelina Alarcon, played a big role in the annual Latino Congreso.

According to an article written for Communidad by Munoz and a CPUSA colleague, Joelle Fishman;

Some 2000 Latino leaders and activists from throughout the United States came together in Los Angeles October 5-9 to iron out a plan of action and a social justice program of issues for the 2008 elections with the goal of bringing out 10 million Latino voters that can play a decisive role in the presidential and congressional elections.

Latinos can be decisive in determining the presidential electoral in the key battle ground states of “Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada … and congressional elections in twenty states” that can change the political direction of the country said Antonio Gonzalez President of the Southwest Voter Registration project in opening up the 2nd National Latino Congreso convened by 10 national Latino organizations and hundreds of state and local groups from 22 states.

“We are going to mobilize massively to reach record levels of Latino vote” on the key issues of immigration reform, the war, greening cities, health care and climate change declared Gonzalez. While recognizing that “today we don’t have a critical mass
to affect that change”, Gonzalez said this can be achieved with “conscious thinking, planning and organizing” leading up to the 2008 elections.” “We have big issues not only as Latinos but as citizens of the world”, he concluded.

Rosalio Munoz is a leader of the Southern California Latino activist community. He is particularly active in the peace movement and on immigration issues.

He is well connected to to the Southern California Democratic Party and the influential Los Angeles labour movement.

If anyone can muster the Latino vote for Barack Obama, it is Rosalio Munoz and his loyal comrades.

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You might want to look into Robert Malley's father-Simon Malley. Simon was a pro-Soviet advocate and was also a high-ranking member of the Egyptian Communist Party. He was also a strong supporter of the PLO and also his son-Robert Malley is the foreign policy advisor for Barack Obama and was involved with the failed Camp David Peace Accords under Bill Clinton.

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