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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama-file 13 Top Communist Not Fooled By Obama's Critics

Obama-file 12 here

Norman Markowitz is a professor of history at Rutgers University, New Jersey.

He is also leading member of the Communist Party USA and a contributing editor to the party theoretical journal Political Affairs.

He is also, like the rest of his party, a strong supporter of Barack Obama.

He is not fooled by those stupid or naive souls who call Barack Obam a centrist, a moderate, or a tool of big business.

Norman Markowitz knows better.

He knows that Barack Obama stands with the socialists.

Norman Markowitz writing in the Political Affairs editors blog

Senator Obama Continues to Mobilize People for Progressive Change

Elections are, among other things exercises in mobilizing masses of people to advance politically, not only electing individuals and parties to ostensibly represent the people. Barack Obama is campaigning for substantive progressive change and he is making change, confounding mass media week to week...

Obama's speech in the aftermath of the primary was a continuation of his clear, focused and eloquent call for unity and active commitment to a progressive program. The people were listening if the media wasn't...

I wrote an article very recently on Obama's background and policies... let me say that I was surprised, in doing research for it, on how really progressive a candidate Obama is, and how the media and especially sections of the left have refused to take him seriously, preferring instead to play out their fixed ideas as the political landscape changes before them.

I was surprised because I had listened to the endless comments about his vagueness, the rich and powerful among his supporters...

But, like Robert Wagner who came out of New York's Tammany Hall and was the major sponsor of the National Labor Relations Act (still the most significant piece of pro labor legislation in U.S. history)...

Obama is convincing more and more people that he can answer Lenin's question, What is to be Done? with the answer that Franklin Roosevelt gave when he rallied American workers to win the battle of production during World War II, "It Can be Done because It Must be Done.

Obama-file 14 here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"OH GOD....." I remark to myself when I read Trev's attempts to persuade me that Barack Obama is a COMMIE SLEEPER.....slyly SEDUCING the American nation and The World, ASKING THE QUESTION....." blah blah blah. I mean, I'm fairly certain the guy does egest.....just like Lenin.....Oh, that's enough is it ?

What hallucinogenic chemical have you sealed secreted in your buns Man ?

You think any rational soul gives that shit commentary any credit except on the score that....."Well, Trev says.....Oh, OK, yeah, that's just Trev 'saying'....." Gives you a buzz does it ? "Pretending" like that ?

Were I the blogmeister I'd hope that my "audience" had rather more intelligence than to fall for that vomit.

Dying for your denunciation of "The Apology To the Stolen Generation" as a COMMIES PLOT Trev. I mean, Rudd is fluent in Mandarin. That should be enough shouldn't it,for a "distinct likelihood of a possibility" ?

anything even hintingly progressive and advanced of an early 50s US Senate hearing is usually "Anathema like Asthma" to you Trev.

Bring it on Man !

9:51 PM  

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