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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trojan RAM, Seeks to Socialise NZ

The Auckland Socialist Worker/Socialist Party of Aotearoa front organistion, Resident's Action Movement seeks to become a national political party.

RAM seeks to eventually become a nationwide, broad left coalition, capable of challenging Labour and National.

It even seeks to draw some conservative elements into the tent.

Oliver Woods, a RAM member explains the strategy on Socialist Worker's Unity Blog.

The ideology of neo-liberalism has moved from what was regarded as an extreme, callous and simply insane prison for frustrated wealthy capitalists and mathematician economists to a force that is regarded as being positive, liberating and highly democratic.

Yet we shouldn't be dismayed by any of this. We have got to learn lessons from our enemies. We should do the same exercise of re-branding with our new, moderate brand of positive left-wing politics as the right did with their own set of destructive ideas!

RAM has won spectacular numbers of votes in Auckland in two consecutive elections, has built up an extensive activist base that is spreading throughout the country and is beginning to engage frustrated and largely apathetic voters who see little point in casting their ballots for backward thinking individualistic and deceitful corporate politicians. Our networks reach far and wide and we've even gained international notice.

We have the opportunity to promote a positive vision of a multi-cultural inclusive society where the Government is by and for the people, where environmentalism isn't just talk and where progress isn't measured by numbers and statistics but by people in jobs, by safe communities and by children growing up out of poverty.

Our task now is to turn RAM into a mass membership political party that is capable of campaigning across the country, challenging the established parties in electorate seats and for the party vote in national elections. We must build a movement that mobilises the apathetic and makes useful the frustrated. We need to share our visionary ideas and start to develop a new discourse, set of ideas and policies that can excite New Zealanders.

It is important we continue to work with established political forces. The Alliance, despite it's implosion in 2002, is building itself up and we must not let historical divisions and sectarian divides stop us from seriously discussing electoral co-operation. Progressive and grass roots people must put their ideological and personal divisions to one side, and like the neo-liberals and other successful right-wing forces have done in New Zealand and overseas, work together to achieve practical and visionary goals. The Green and Maori parties both could potentially work together with RAM, as well as any emerging parties or non-parliamentary movements. We've got to think strategically, and if we do that, we have the greatest chance at getting our ideas implemented.

Our mission is not just a left-wing one either; it is one that is shared by many in the centre of politics and even on the right. We all share the same goals of putting communities, grassroots people and practical reality first, above big business, overseas financial interests and rigid theoretical systems of ideological thought. Many conservatives, like socialists and those on the left, have been dismayed by the neo-liberal reforms that have torn up the social and economic fabric of New Zealand society since 1984. It is my opinion that we must provide a space for these opponents of the hard right within RAM ­ the right has brought onboard many former left-wingers, so we ought to do the same!

Going beyond specifics, RAM is a long term project. We cannot halt our progress when we face adversity and challenges on our path toward Parliament. And if it looks like us merging with parties like the Alliance or other political forces will be beneficial to our broad left coalition, or even the formation of a new party out of a collection of existing ones, we should seriously consider such opportunities as they come. We are not in this game for the short term or for personal glory: we want to push for long term; positive change in New Zealand society in whatever way is most effective.

My vision of RAM's future is of us as being part of a grass-roots coalition of tens of thousands community activists from around New Zealand who can inside and outside of Parliament replace the mediocrity of two-party politics in New Zealand. We will present a visionary way of understanding society, economics and the environment that allows us to win hundreds of thousands of votes, if not millions, in the coming years.

We have humanity and the environment relying on us to complete our mission to change politics in New Zealand. We already have a collection of wonderful supporters and members, and the RAM brand is strong. We have an amazing culture already of acceptance of new ideas and of debate ­ we are a true democracy within our party. These current facts put us past many parties that already have Parliamentary representation!

The broad left in New Zealand has a world to win. If things have started as they will continue, that may not be too far away!

Just what this country needs, a return to Sutchism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Trevor,

The mainstream media are finally taking notice of Obama's racist hate America church.

There are 5+ months till the Democrat convention. Obama is going to be a bloody political mess by then and Clinton will get the nomination. A intra-party Democratic war is on the horizon followed by a McCain presidency.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's no reason why a movement can't mutate into a positive direction

10:02 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

Blast, I wanted to scoop this.

Had a chat to a couple of Socialist Workers at the Student Association (Canterbury U) where they had a table and were signing up new members.
They told me they were contesting the party vote this election.

They said they have their 500 and are soon to register.

It's all true.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick I think you have confused SW/RAM with the Workers Party. SW/RAM are not active as a club on campus at UC.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So these people are going to save the world by enslaving everyone.
Hasn't this been tried before?

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's Oliver Woods political pedigree, Trevor? I thought he was one of the new leading lights of the Princes Street Labour party branch. How did the Socialist Workers Party nab him and other students in Auckland from the mothership?

8:52 PM  
Blogger Trevor Loudon said...

From what I understand anon, Oliver and a couple of his mates bailed out of Labour after the 2005election.

Oliver has been active in RAM since before last year's local body elections.

Oliver assures us that RAM is not a "communist" front.

Same goes for the NZ China Friendship Society of which Oliver is also a member.

Oliver is a left-nationalist and a great admirer of the late alleged Soviet spy W B Sutch.

Oliver's blog "Quest for Security" is named after one of Sutch's books.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is he also an admirer of Muldoon? How does this go down with the comrades in SW?

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it doesnt.

but oliver and ram both like galloway who laid waste to sky and the american polits in this speeches.

ram isnt socialist but def does have an element of it and socialist members.

so act is back with that corpse roger douglas aii? 7o and not dead or in prison.. the roger awards are tonight in chch. anton oliver the rugby player environmentalist is one judge. may the worse company win!

ram seems to be doing quite well and all from the initial anger and rates revolt - who would of thought

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morgan had a little RAM
its fleece was white and greasy
not much to fear; enough I hear
to make poor trev feel queasy

8:17 PM  

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