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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Auckland Uni "Jihadis"

Someone just sent me this email.

I have deleted the name and some identifying text.

This could be a hoax, but knowing what I know about Students for Justice in Palestine and the "Urewera 17", I believe it is genuine.

You need to look closer at XXXXX XXXXXXXX and others in Students for Justice in Palestine who advocate violence against "Zionist" targets, including synagogues and the Israeli consulate. They are very closely linked to the Tuhoe separatists and other anarchist and militant groups. Hamed is a member of SJP and purportedly was training in guerrilla techniques in the Ureweras prior to departing for Palestine. Hameet Sooden, the guy who was held hostage in Iraq, is a SJP member who was just forcibly deported from Israel as a "security threat" while supposedly in transit to Gaza as a "witness" for peace.

XXXXX (an Afghan refugee and graduate student in Politics at Auckland) was supposedly scheduled to begin training in the Ureweras when the raids happened. XXX has repeatedly called for the targeting of Jews and jewish interests in NZ as part of the global jihad campaign, but for some reason is protected by people in AUSA and Politics at Auckland. There are several others in SJP, mostly of Arab extraction, who wish to bring the jihadist struggle closer to home. All of this is well known in student political circles at Auckland, but neither they or the administration dare say anything against SJP or these individuals.

I'd like to thank the person who sent this as it certainly fills in some gaps. Auckland uni has been "jihad" capital NZ for several years now. I don't know a lot about the scene there these days, so I welcome any information.

You know I will use it.

Key SJP activists at Auckland in recent years have been Omar Hamed (Urewera 17), Joseph Smith, Miriam Pierard, Mustafa Al ZaqZoouq, Sahar Ghumkhor, Zaeem Baksh (also Waikato)and Harmeet Singh Sooden.

I am interested in all these people, plus the activities of other SJP activists in Hamilton and Wellington.

Any connection to the anarchist community, the "Urewera 17", socialist or Green groups would also be very welcome.

Probably best to email me privately.

Thanks again.


Blogger Asher said...

Except nobody can advocate violence against "the Israeli consulate" because there isn't one in this country, the stuff about what Hamed was doing "prior to departing for Palestine" is horseshit because he's never been there, the Afghan refugee you mention has always been nice to me and I'm Jewish, so her supposed antisemitism is horseshit.

Thats not to say the rest is true, merely that I don't know (but can safely assume) it's horseshit too.

Oh, and you can't be interested in SJP activists in Wellington, because it doesn't exist there.

Your research is once again sorely lacking, Trev.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Asher said...

You endorsed (by posting without criticism) the claim that the person we refer to "has repeatedly called for the targeting of Jews and jewish interests". That is very different to what you now seem to be claiming, that the person is merely an anti-Zionist - which, as you point out, I am too, as are an ever increasing number of Jews worldwide.

I most certainly would not be friendly with anyone calling for "the targeting of Jews and jewish interests", regardless of their politics on Israel.

And no, he has never been to Palestine.

You seem to forget, Trev, that when you make such obviously bullshit claims, the onus is on you to prove they are true, not on those you slander and defame to prove they are false. Oh well, I guess it is reassuring in a way to know that your long break hasn't changed you at all...

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Oliver Woods said...

Good to see you're back Trevor. Hopefully you've recovered from your loss of the Deputy Presidency of ACT - I didn't spot you on the party list, is this a sign that you're no longer in Rodders' good books?

By the way, next time you're being an ignoramus and spreading hate, people who follow Islam are now called Muslims, not 'Moslems'.

BTW, RAM is going very well Trevor. I think you're going to like our election campaign. We're going to be talking about things like social inclusion for everyone (including Muslims), lower taxes for most ordinary Kiwis (yourself included) and the removal of GST from food.

From the Jihad Capital Of The World,

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are publishing false information that would lower your targets' standing in the eyes of reasonable-minded people. That is the textbook definition of defamation. Defamation is illegal. In the interets of fairness and legality, you should take down that post.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I am absolutely stunned at this bizarre speculation. I know some of those you mention and they've got enough going on being politically-minded, peaceful, hardworking people. They don't have anything to do with spreading hate and training for war.

The people spreading these odd rumous need to take a good long look in the mirror and ask themselves when they're going to get in touch with reality again.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far it is all hearsay and the person asking Trevor to look into the activities of SJP has only spoken of reported or rumored activities, with the qualifiers noted. Nothing has been proven, but that appears to be why the request was made to Trevor in the first place. No harm in that.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So your back from youre little overseas jaunt Asher.As always you get the facts half right and half bullshit.Ah well,at least you aint as retarted as the other anarchos.We here at Red Watch was just wondering,did you get too asherwitz?

8:58 PM  

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