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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Green Party File 1 Exposing The Watermelons

The New Zealand Green Party is a fraud.

Most grass roots Greens are decent people concerned primarily about environmental and social issues. However, the Green leadership is heavily dominated to extremists from the Maoist, Trotskyist and anarchist traditions.

To these people, the Green Party is merely a vehicle for agendas so extreme they must be camouflaged from the voting public..

The Greens are a "watermelon party"-green on the outside, deepest, darkest red in the middle.

Up until the election, I will be profiling leading Greens and examining the party's connections in a series of linked posts.

These will be released in no particular order. Each will be a stand alone look at some aspect of Green Party radicalism.

Some will be old information-for background, but much will be new.

I hope to expose the Green Party for the extremists that they are. I also hope that readers will circulate my material widely, to alert as many people as possible to the true red nature of the Greens.

The Greens are in a very precarious position. If they slip below 5%, they have no electorate seat to keep them in Parliament.

While they are expected to gain support as the election nears, that is not a given.

Most people vote for the Greens out of idealism, not a commitment to socialist ideals.

If the Green leadership can be comprehensively exposed, the party may slip below the 5% threshold. That would either destry the party, or shake up the moderates enough to turf out their extremist leadership.

Either option would be a vast improvement.

Green Party File 2 here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I belive that trev has blogged about that in the past Anon.

If I recall correctly she was a card-carring memeber of the Communist party until 20ish years ago, but I stand to be corrected.


12:59 PM  

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