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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama-file 21 Top Communist Criss-Crosses the US for Obama

Obama-file 20 here

Communist Party USA Number 2 man Jarvis Tyner has been criss-crossing America, rallying party members, converting wavering Democrats and building support for Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

From the East Coast reports the blog Maine Owl;

It's time to stand up and be counted if you're a Democrat in Maine. Yes, I'm a registered Democrat and have had periods of actual participation in Party activities over the years...But I've made up my mind for Obama and I will stand for him at the caucus on Sunday.

Why? Well, it happened today at a talk I went to record in Orono at the University. It was by Jarvis Tyner (pictured), executive vice-chair of the Communist Party USA, and former candidate for vice president of the U.S. Tyner made the case in favor of the social movement building behind Obama...

I'm sold not because I put any special weight on the CP, but because I do believe in social movement, as Tyner helped me understand.

From the West Coast, the Communist Party led Willamette Reds of Oregon report;

The Civil and Human Rights Committee of SEIU Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union sponsored and hosted a talk by Communist Party Vice Chair Jarvis Tyner, Local 503 retiree activist Ann Montague and union organizer Bob Novick on Friday, August 8 in Portland, Oregon...

The Friday meeting was one of four events held in Oregon featuring Jarvis Tyner and discussions about the Party and the elections. A Thursday night dinner brought together CWA, SEIU and AFT members. A Saturday educational discussion involved the Oregon club and several friends, and was followed by a reception which brought together a mix of union and gay activists and some people from a West Salem neighborhood...

Who was Jarvis Tyner promoting at these meetings?

Exactly what kind of "movement" is the Communist Party USA trying to build around Barack Obama?


Jarvis Tyner was enormously inspired in his radical activities in the '60s by communist singer and activist Paul Robeson. Coincidentally, Robeson had, in the mid '40s helped persuade a prominent poet (and secret communist)Frank Marshall Davis to move from Chicago to Hawaii. In the late '70s, the poet became a mentor to a young man sent to High School in Hawaii from his home in Indonesia. The question is-to what did Frank Marshall Davis inspire the young Barack Obama?

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