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Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is Twilight Zone stuff.

Who is this man!

He is the leader of a political party. He is about to fight the election of his life, one that will decide the direction of his country for generations to come. He is the underdog.

He is regarded as a political maverick, who in the past has challenged his own party's leadership.

He hales from the southern part of his country, an area known for its hot dry winds and often arid parched soils. Its people are tough but very laid back.

He has been embroiled in a do or die battle with another politician that has held the country's interest like no other political event in decades.

His opponent is a lawyer turned politician, a "man of color" as the Americans say. His opponent is telegenic, charming, charismatic and known for his oratory.

His opponent promises to represent the small man, but is backed by big business. He is surrounded by scandals and the stench of corruption, but his supporters still regard him as a hero. The more he is attacked the more his supporters defend him against the "conspirators". To many of his supporters he is the "second coming". To some of his detractors he is the anti Christ incarnate. Many regard his organisation as more of a personality cult than a political movement.

Our man is out to expose his his slick, snake oil selling opponent for the charlatan he is. The reputation of his country depends on it.

Our man is a fan of New Zealand and its people. He is believed to be in favour of a New Zealand/US Free Trade Deal.

He has holidayed in Vietnam.

Recently he confirmed his electoral 2IC.

She is a 44 year old, gun-toting super mother of 5. She is attractive, dedicated, intelligent and youthful. She is known as a strong campaigner against government waste and is a committed supporter of her country's Armed Forces.

She is heavily involved in her community.

She comes from humble roots and was raised in a tiny town on the edge of a region far distant from her country's capital. It is a land opened up by 19th century goldminers and barely civilised by the merchants, farmers and schoolteachers who followed them.

It is a land known for its salmon and trout filled rivers, icy mountain lakes, stunning mountain scenery and icy polar storms and blizzards.

She is a woman who has worked her way up on merit and has a great future ahead of her in her country's government.

Who is our man? Who is his deputy?

Find out here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One hopes Hide would be embarrassed to be compared to two adamant social authoritarians (anti-choice and anti-science (although McCain is faking it for votes)), given their Party platform.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...WELL DONE...but "hails" not hales...

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is believe in Life Before Birth anti-science?
How is it "anti-choice" to defend the right to life when one is literally pro-choice on:
- gun ownership
- school choice
- private property rights
- lower taxes
- smoking choice
- food choice
- parental discipline choice

Sounds like when the left use "pro-choice" it's merely an emotive slogan but when the right has the opportunity to use it actually means something.

But they don't because they can argue substance without resorting to slogans. You know, the way the advocates of the untenable and anti-science pro-abortion viewpoint have to. :^)

11:08 PM  

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