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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Obama's Radical Connections-A Primer

The MSM tries to spin Obama's radical ties, like he once played golf with someone whose uncle lived next door to a man who once read a newspaper article about a terrorist.

Unfortunately the truth is that Obama has been mixing with communists, radicals and former terrorists from at least the age of ten to the present day.

US TV host Hannity recently devoted a whole show to those ties. It's serialised in six parts below.

They're well done, but only tell about 2% of the shocking story.

Even so, look through these and you'll start to realise what a total menace Obama really is.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain needs to come out swinging tonight... If Obama can say he is taking off the gloves so should McCain. I am a Democrat who will be voting for McCain Palin this time around. I am so sick and tired of hearing about Obama. He is the extreme left. He is not mainstream and associated with radicals. There is no way this guy could pass a background check to receive a government clearance. The list of his friends (even Pakistani) roommate would throw him off any clearance list. Period. So why would we want a person who associates with Ayers, Farrakahn, Rev. Wright, Rashind Kalid, and his unknown Pakistani friend who he won't talk about from college?????

This guy is too radical for even a mainstream Democrat like myself. Voting for Obama will put lead us to socialism.... within a year.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having watched the Hannity videos I truly cannot believe why this is all being withheld from public knowledge apart from people who read the blogs. I can really see the Fall of America if Obama gets in. The looney left are so very dangerous, and folks in the States will be the ones to weep bitter tears as their beloved country disintergrates around them.


1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very good blog post and truly eye opening, I hope many people log in and read your article,

Paul Z
The Lee's Summit Conservative

9:05 AM  

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