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Monday, October 13, 2008

"Terrorist" Training Camps More Extensive Than Thought?

Well before the police anti terror raids of just on a year ago, there were constant rumors of Maori radical training camps in the North Island bush.

One of my research associates recently re-discovered these notes taken in 1996. They are transcripts of an item on Mana News of 28.9.96

Mana Maori Wellington Central candidate Waiariki Grace said during a candidate meeting that disgruntled Maori youth could turn to violence if the Treaty of Waitangi continued to be ignored.

He told the meeting that some groups had already hoarded guns and the violence was likely to occur in small rural areas first.

He claimed to know of a faction of at least 85 young people who were prepared.

Several points make this report potentially significant.

Firstly Grace was speaking shortly after the Mexican Zapatistas had surprised the world with a violent uprising in rural Chiapas.

I have detailed in this series how some of those arrested in last years anti terror raids were inspired by and linked to the Zapatista movement.

Furthermore, one of Grace's fellow Mana Maori candidates in 1996 was Tame Iti, allegedly the leader and organiser of the Urewera camps.

Another fellow candidate was Teanau Tuiono who's home was searched during the raids, but who was not arrested.

Tuiono, through his organisation Conscious Collaborations has been a major supporter for those arrested.

In 2000 Both Grace and Tuiono were involved in Peoples Global Action, an international network of anarchists, communists and indigenous activist inspired by the Zapatista movement.

From Scoop

Prague Style Protests to Hit Aotearoa if Singapore Deal Continues"

Tino Rangatiratanga advocates attending the Prague anti-World Bank, anti-IMF protest say that New Zealand will face the same types of action if the Government pursues the Singapore Trade deal. The Aotearoa delegation is in Prague as part of the People's Global Action group (PGA), a coalition of activists from around the world. The PGA meeting will coincide with that of the IMF/World Bank annual meeting.

"The fight against globalisation and neoliberalism is the continuing struggle against colonisation, and like our ancestors before us we will resist!" said South Pacific Convenor Teanau Tuiono...

Fellow Convenor Waiariki Grace elaborated, "This process moves power from the government to the private sector. This transfer of power to the private sector reduces the role of the government, but does not inherently challenge the statist world, although it does remove much of its monopoly power. The aim behind this is to reduce restrictions on private enterprises to allow them to move factors of production as they wish...

Was Waiariki Grace one of those rare politicians actually telling the truth?

What are the implications if he was?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"research associates"


Trawling through google in between jerking off to internet porn does not make you a "researcher."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And leaving anonymous, abusive comments does not make you look or sound particularly intelligent.

Just another random twat.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Trev would know by his "reseach" basically trolling US political forums

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Trev!

The lefties who proliferate in the mainstream media keep infiltrating their agitrop about how traumatised the people in the Tuhoe area are?

What about the other 4.2 million people of NZ on learning of a bunch of lunatic would-be terrorists in their midst?

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