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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are There Any REAL Anarchists Out There?

I had to chuckle at this.

The anarchist community went into shock awhile back after a Wellington based female activist and a Christchurch male activist were exposed as informers for private security firm Thompson&Clark.

Now it turns out Christchurch activist Rob Gilchrist has been a police spy for 10 years.

Surely his ex army background would have rung some alarm bell?

Are there any real anarchists in NZ, or are the all just spies, spying on each other, spying on each other, spying on each other?

Gilchrist was reporting on Greenpeace, Peace Action Wellington, Save Happy Valley Coalition and animal rights groups. Can't think why the police would be interested in these people. Any ideas?

Genuinely sorry for Rochelle Rees however, it would be devastating to discover that your partner had been informing on your comrades for years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Surely his ex army background would have rung some alarm bell?"


a) There are a number of "real anarchists" with army/territorial backgrounds.

b) Rob wasn't ex-army. He lied about that. Never served a day in his life.

And yes, there are plenty of real anarchists in Aotearoa.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radical leftist political organizations are exceptionally easy to infiltrate. Just grow dreadlocks and learn the lingo. It's not like infiltrating La Cosa Nostra. Some post their planned organized crimes on the web making infiltration redundant.

These radicals are so out of touch with reality that this news comes as a shock to them. All radical leftist groups that engage in organized criminal protests have many informants.

Now come the internal witch hunts searching for the other informants. Trust no one! :-)

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gilchrist runs a website called He has 5760 members on there and gets discussion going about "How many police radio scanners do you have?" and the likes of.......Great database for the powers that be, especially when some muppets use the same password for all online logins! I wonder how may of those forum members are nervous. You know the laws "offense to pass on 3rd party information etc"
Did not trust him 10 years ago still don't trust him!
Although his personality is a sort of "Walter Mitty" type of demeanor.........Steveo

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not surprised with this whole thing, its what the cops do i.e. watch groups that may or may not be a threat. Would've thought anarchists would have been expecting it to happen to them one day i.e. have a mole in their midst...

I think the cops need to sharpen up and finally notice that a lot of their frivilous cases against some of the more minor activists get thrown out of court or else they will continue to lose credibility... No point wasting tax payers money on some of the rent a mob crowd, but yes I expect the cops will always be watching in case one goes a little too far...

Yeah I feel sorry for that Rochelle as Gilchrist is as seedy a spook as any...

3:50 PM  

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