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Friday, February 06, 2009

Obama File 67 Breaking! Communist Leader Claims Obama Considering Nationalisation of Finance, Energy, Private Businesses

Obama file 66 here

The leader of the Communist Party USA claims that the Obama administration is "considering" a radical agenda which includes nationalising the US financial system, the Federal Reserve and even certain "problematic" private businesses.

Sam Webb also asserts that big defence cuts, expansion of US aid to the underdeveloped world, more "affirmative action" for women and ethnic minorities, greater union power, socialisation of childcare and healthcare and a "massive assault on global warming" are also strong possibilities for the Obama presidency.

In a January 31st speech entitled “Off and Running: Opportunity of a Lifetime”, to party members in Cleveland, Ohio, CPUSA National Chairman Webb stated;

The Obama administration and the broad coalition that supports him will almost inevitably have to consider – and they already are – the following measures:

* Public ownership of the financial system and the elimination of the shadow banking system and exotic derivatives.

* Public control of the Federal Reserve Bank.

* Counter-crisis spending of a bigger size and scope to invigorate and sustain a full recovery and meet human needs – something that the New Deal never accomplished.

* Strengthening of union rights in order to rebalance the power between labor and capital in the economic and political arenas.

* Trade agreements that have at their core the protection and advancement of international working class interests.

* Equality in conditions of life for racially minorities and women.

* Democratic public takeover of the energy complex as well as a readiness to consider the takeover of other basic industries whose future is problematic in private hands.

* Turning education, childcare, and healthcare into “no profit” zones.

* Rerouting investment capital from unproductive investment (military, finance and so forth) to productive investment in a green economy and public infrastructure.

* Changing direction of our nation’s foreign policy toward cooperation, disarmament, and diplomacy. We can’t have threats, guns and military occupations on the one hand and butter, democracy, goodwill, and peace on the other.

* Full scale assault on global warming.

* Serious and sustained commitment to assisting the developing countries that are locked in poverty and misery.

Webb went on to claim that "an era of progressive change is within reach, no longer an idle dream".

Webb also said that the "new model of governance wouldn’t be socialist, but it would challenge corporate power, profits and prerogatives".

Webb then went on to outline the role of organised labor in ensuring that the Obama administation did not compromise its agenda. It should be remembered that he old anti-communist US labor movement is no more. Since the mid 1990s US unions have become increasingly dominated by CPUSA, their allies in Democratic Socialists of America and veterans of the New Left.

In the meantime, we have some immediate struggles on our hands But the good news is that the broad movement that elected President Obama and larger majorities in the Congress is up and running.

This movement, or if you like, this loose coalition in which labor plays a larger and larger leadership role, can exercise an enormous influence on the political process. Never before has a coalition with such breadth walked on the political stage of our country. It is far larger than the coalition that entered the election process a year ago; it is larger still than the coalition that came out of the Democratic Party convention in August.

The task of labor and its allies is to provide energy and leadership to this wide-ranging coalition. Yes, we can bring issues and positions into the political process that go beyond the initiatives of the Obama administration. But we should do this within the framework of the main task of supporting Obama’s program of action.

We can disagree with the Obama administration without being disagreeable. Our tone should be respectful. We now have not simply a friend, but a people's advocate in the White House.

Webb finishes off with a list of missions for his troops-which includes supporting Obama's nomination for Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis. Is it coincidental that Solis was elected to Congress with Communist Party support and enjoys close ties to Democratic Socialists of America?

Of course, change won’t be easy. The pressures to weaken, even mothball, progressive, anti-corporate measures will come from many quarters.

That said, the opportunities for working class and people's gains are extraordinary. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Starring us in the face are some immediate challenges.

First, we have to support the passage of the President's stimulus bill in the Senate.

Second, we have to bloc any Republican efforts to derail the nomination of Hilda Solis, the nominee for the Secretary of Labor. This is the first round in the battle to pass the EFCA. Some may think this is a struggle of only the labor movement. But nothing could be further from the truth. A bigger labor movement in this country would strengthen the struggle on every front...

Third, we have to join others in resisting evictions and foreclosures – not to mention cutbacks and layoffs at the state and city level...

Fourth, the wars of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan have to be brought to a close...

In any case, we have our work cut out for us. But I think we can confidently say that change is coming. And we will build a more perfect union.

Yes We Can!

Damn right they can.

Some enterprising journalist needs to ask Sam Webb this very important question-how do you know what the Obama administration is "considering"?

Obama file 68 here


Blogger mah29001 said...

I think we already half of what CPUSA Chairman Sam Webb already said. Much of this was done under previous Presidents, Roosevelts, Truman, Wilson, Carter, Nixon, LBJ, Carter, Ford, Hoover.

It just seems the Chairman wishes the USA to fully be admitted to become a socialist country, instead of a semi-socialist-like country.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the rate Obama is going he's going to be a one-term president.

He's already pissing of a majority of Americans with his spread the wealth around policy which seems to me a pay off for his democrat buddies which the American workers will have to pay for.

Not bad for a president in power for three weeks.

Oh and Iran please unclench your fist. I said prettty please.

God Obama is such a girly wimp. I know who wears the pants in that houshold.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'At the rate Obama is going he's going to be a one-term president'

Depends who the Rep nominee ends up being. If its Palin, Obama will kick her ass.

9:36 PM  

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